April 28, 2011

Such a springtime-perfect 1950s style dress!

Day 118 of Vintage 365


If there is one thing that I love perhaps more than all others about the return of spring, it is the fact that my warm weather wardrobe gets to come out of hiding (or at least be put into heavier rotation) once more.

While there is much to be said for snuggly cardigans, wool trousers, thick opaque tights and sturdy snow boots, after half a year of such really heavy-duty clothing, I'm positively itching to throw off the shackles off winter and dive head first into lightweight fabrics and pieces that instantly telegraph sunny weather once more.

Take for example, the incredibly pretty red and white gingham sundress below. It's precisely - in every way, right down to the gorgeous princess neckline - the kind of garment that sings of spring's return from the highest mountain peak.

I love this charming dress - which looks as though it could have easily been plucked right out of the pages of the youthful 1950s fashion magazine - for it's breezy cut, punchy (entirely picnic worthy!) colour palette, feminine tailoring, and the daydreams of delightfully warm afternoons spent outdoors that I envision when I look at it.

This happy-go-luck 1950s inspired frock (which is available in assorted modern British ladies sizes for £59.00 from UK seller Aspire Style) is not meant for January (in colder climates) and it makes no pretences of being so. It is fun, light, and bright, radiating a vibe of wonderful summertime happiness.

To me this girly dress is as lovely as a juicy May strawberry, as pretty as a June rose, and as as energizing as a fresh July sunrise. It's the antithesis of winter clothing and exactly the kind dress I'm be sporting until those pesky snowflakes come back into sight again next autumn! Smile

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  1. What a beauty!! As one who lived in the beautiful sunny, warm state of Florida for over 20 years, this kind of clothing is easily my preference. I wish it wasn't just the end of November and that it wouldn't be another 5 months before I could wear dresses like this again!!