April 17, 2011

Wrangle your paper clutter with this lovely vintage wall organizer

Day 107 of Vintage 365

There's something about springtime, with its effervescent sunlight, longer hours of warmth (which I couldn't help but describe to my husband the other nights as being magical in their wonderfulness and serene beauty), that makes you want to shake the proverbial cobwebs from your mind, delight in each passing moment, and set your house in order.

It's no wonder that the term spring cleaning exists. During the sullen months of winter, drab and grey, bone chillingly cold and fraught with unpredictable weather, one so often naturally wants to gravitate indoors, to nest and draw comfort from their surroundings. However, when the frost finally melts and songbirds begin chirping once more, what was once cozy in the dim evening light of January can look positively cluttered in April's glistening morning sunshine.

For those like myself who live in modest sized quarters - or who are seeking ways in which to get more out of whatever amount of space they have - one of the most practically ways to organize is upwards.

By this I mean, instead of just expanding your possessions merely horizontally to the left and right, look skyward and seek ways in which to organize vertically. Shelves and bookcases can certainly help in this regard, but sometimes you need more storage in a spot that's simply too small for such a piece of furniture, in which cases options like pocketed wall holders can be just what the home decor doctor ordered.

Take for example, this marvellously charming, shabby chic vintage wall organizer that I spied on etsy recently. Featuring images of four chickens/roosters and three slots, this elegantly farm girl glamorous piece is the sort of the excellently practical organizational item that can really help get paper clutter offer the counter, table and desk and neatly sorted in one handy-dandy spot.


Made of authentically aged (aka, charmingly worn), printed tin and sporting a keyhole handing at the top, this understatedly beautiful wall hanging measures 20" high x 4.5" wide (each pocket has a depth of 4.5") and would be a great spot in which to roundup everything from your child's school notices to take-away menus, receipts to scraps accumulated from your paper crafting activities.

Should you be feeling the urge to tidy up this spring and are in need of a vintage wall organizer, be sure to hop on over to etsy seller Hipaloo's shop, where you can pick (or, given the chicken theme, should I say “peck up” Smile) this practically and pretty vintage piece for $39.99.

It's sure to add a fantastic dose of yesteryear style to any room in your hen house (aka, home), while also helping to make this year's spring cleaning go quicker (thus leaving you more time to revel in that magical April sunlight!).


  1. Oh dear time to get the specs out I thought the last one said 'mice'!

  2. That is eggselant!

  3. Hi- lovely post - it's a cute organiser but I'm afraid I need something just a bit more spacious than that. Indeed, I'm always on the look-out for new organising ideas - and when I'm re-shuffling things around my wardrobe I realise just how important organisation really is..... Alas, my dream remains to have a walkin wardrobe!