April 20, 2011

This adorable vintage Easter Egg Cake recipe is sure to please everybunny! :)

Day 110 of Vintage 365


Without a doubt, I think it's safe to say that one of the best parts of nearly any major holiday is the food! Indeed, there's a reason why these special celebrations were so often called fest days in years gone by, for it was through an abundance of food that one shared with their family and friends in the merriment of a certain date.

While in some households Easter might not quite produce quite as huge an array of meals, baked goods, and sweet treats as Christmas, for many it does (or at least comes immensely close). An Easter menu may call to mind roast meats (ham, lamb, turkey, duck, etc), oodles of fresh vegetable dishes (made all the more spectacular if they were cultivated from one's own budding spring garden), warm, yeasty breads piping hot from the oven, and plenty of candy in every nook and cranny of the house, however I can't imagine letting Easter come and go without one especially lovely standout dessert, too.

Each year I like to change things up, always seeking something festive, cheerful, and - whenever possible - vintage in origin. Today recipe, which harkens back to 1953, fits absolutely all of those points to a tee!

Dubbed, rather appropriately (given its appearance), the Easter Egg Cake, this marvelous dessert marries yellow cake (in this instance from a cake mix, but you could just as easily use homemade) - that is cut into the shape of half an egg - with layers of rich Baker's Chocolate frosting. This Peter Cottontail approved cake is then given a further boost of sugar care of piped decretive white frosting and jelly beans, to help complete the final Easter egg look.

{Click here for a larger version of this scrumptiously festive vintage Easter Egg Cake recipe.}

One of things that appeals to be about this great Easter dessert (which comes via saltycotton’s terrific Flickr stream) is that's a shaped cake that doesn't require a specialty pan. The egg form comes to life thanks to a little trimming and creative stacking, which is held in place with chocolate frosting (the most natural of icing flavours for this time of year).

If you like, you could easily play around with recipe to your heart's content. Varying the type of cake and/or frosting colours to match your Easter menu, table decor, household decorations, or even your mood.

If you’re feeling creative, why not reverse the colours and create a chocolate cake with white frosting (white looking even more like an eggshell!), or create a white chocolate cake with buttercream frosting that you tinted pastel pink, purple, yellow, green, or blue - just like a real home-dyed Easter egg.

Whichever direction you take this cheerful vintage cake in, it's bound to be a hit with all the bunnies (aka, guests) at your Easter table this year! Smile

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  1. Inspiring! Something about any yellow cake with chocolate frosting reminds me of childhood but this one actually makes me want to bake!! (Not sure if that's a good thing or not) Fun post.