April 9, 2011

A little veiling, a lot of glamour

Day 99 of Vintage 365


So reads the title caption on this richly elegant, photo filled page from the June 1952 issue of Woman's Day magazine. With little more than two one-yard pieces of tulle netting in any hue of your choice, this handy page guides you through various ways to sport veiling as part of your warm weather wardrobe.


There is something so wonderfully chic about these simple, yet highly stylish ideas. From wrapping netting around a chignon to tying it jauntily as a poufy scarf, these delightful tricks with a mere wisp of fabric seem to impart such a marvelous dose of glam upon the wearer's ensemble.

Tulle is such a romantic fabric. It calls to mind thoughts of fluttering ballerina prancing across the stage, refined wedding gowns, and rustling crinolines. It is available in vivid rainbow of hues (and white tulle can easily be tied just about any colour imaginable, if you can't find the shade you're after off the shelf), is relatively well priced at most fabric stores, and can be such a creatively fun way to perk up your spring and summer wardrobe.

Having seen this great page of ideas (which comes via clotho98's terrific Flickr stream), I suddenly want to make a sash style belt out of gingerly tied tulle - perhaps in sunny coral or tranquil sea foam green - and toss it over my neutral hued dresses. And as soon as I've tracked down a piece of veiling, I'll be copying the first idea ("mantilla variation with spray of lilacs"), perhaps with a tiny rose or gardenia blossom, too.

I love simple, yet impactful vintage fashion ideas like this that can be so easily replicated today in mere moments with minimal supplies. They're a very effective way of adding some zing to your closet, while in no way shape, shape or form wreaking havoc on your budget.

Indeed, as the title proclaimed in '52 - and still rings every bit as true today - you really can add a whole lot of alluring glamour to your look with just a smidge of feminine, beautiful veiling and a few DIY fashion touches. And that, in the words of one rather well-known domestic diva, is a very good thing! Smile


  1. The wrapped netting in these pictures is gorgeous!

  2. I love this idea. Thanks for posting!

  3. Oh, these are so beautiful and feminine. I remember the hats of my mom's that I used to dress up in (in the 60's). Many of them had a small amount of veiling. I loved it then...still love it now. (Though I'm quite sure my neighbors would call the insane asylum if I wore something like that now....they think I'm odd enough to wear a dress and heels to the mailbox.)