April 5, 2011

Be stylish and on time with this gorgeous Audrey Hepburn pocket watch necklace

Day 95 of Vintage 365


There's something marvellously, undeniably appealing about pocket watches worn as feminine jewelry. At once equal parts ode to Alice and your beloved granddad, these functional, immensely elegant pieces are so chicly classic that they will truly never run the risk of seeming even the slightest bit contrived or ironic.

Whether your fascination with pocket watches began after you saw the movie The Time Machine (based on H.G. Well's novel of the same name), read Gift of the Magi, was a product of your interest in Steampunk, or has been there for as long as you can recall, there's a never-ending array of antique, vintage, and old school reproduction pocket watches - many of which are fashioned into charming necklaces - that can be had for very reasonable prices these days.


Partnering the timeless beauty of this handy timepiece with one of the most iconic faces of the 20th century, this fantastically lovely, silver hued Audrey Hepburn pocket watch necklace is sure to delight a broad array of movie and jewelry fans alike!

Sporting one of the best known - and most beloved - shots ever taken of Audrey (it hails from "Breakfast at Tiffany's), this watch may have started out borrowing from a traditional men's style, but it ends up being chocked with full-on girly glamour.

This delightful vintage inspired pocket watch measures a very wearable 1.5" x 1" in size, is strung from a 28" cable chain, and can be had for $28.00 from online retailer Plasticland.

I'd pair it with a fitted, softly coloured vintage blouse, cozy springtime cardigan, and pencil skirt or sailor style high waisted pants, for a fun, youthful interpretation of wearing a pocket watch necklace that would work equally well whether it's helping you get to the office precisely at 9am Monday through Friday or you're trying to forget that time exists at all on the weekend.

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