January 27, 2011

Vintage 365: Warm up to a delightful 1950s fashion video clip about sweaters

Day 27 of Vintage 365


Here in the urban wilds of Toronto, this month has been a rather bone chilling one for the most part. Though some days were "warm” enough to see icy rain instead of snow, others dipped down as low as a rather toe-numbing -24C, which certainly called for cozy, heavy-duty winter wear.

Our apartment building isn't the best heated of abodes (though we do have an electric heater my husband bought last year that helps significantly), which means that long sleeves are a definite must whether indoors or out. As such I've been reaching for sweaters or cardigans most days to help keep winter's icy breath at bay (not that I mind really, both garments are longstanding favourites of mine).

Naturally I prefer my sweaters to be - or look as though they could be - vintage. Charming 1950s sweaters in particular have always captivated my fashion loving mind, so I went looking for some images of mid-century sweaters for an added dose of wardrobe inspiration and chanced upon a darling little video clip on Youtube that shows some of the most fetching sweater styles of the 50s.

Entitled 1952 Sweater Girls, this short and sweet video is ripe with style inspiration - not only when it comes to sweaters, but also overall ensembles, hairstyles and make-up looks. I adore fashions from the early 50s (they were, by and large, so incredibly feminine and elegantly tailored), and couldn't help but swoon over the beautiful styles the models in this video are wearing .

I hope that this fun, fashion filled clip will help inspire your own styles as we battle our way through the rest of this frosty season that is so perfectly suited to all manner of vintage sweaters.


  1. Ooh I love this video! It's great seeing the difference between the "fashion world" and what people were doing at home with their own knitting. There were lots of knitting patterns available well before the early 50s that looked similar, and sometimes would be jazzed up with beads, embroidery, ribbons, etc... well okay, maybe not mink! ;)

  2. Great vintage sweaters! Definitely an inspirational video. I know what you mean about a cold abode. Layers and layers - I can't wait for spring to see my arms again!

    Best Wishes,