January 14, 2011

Vintage 365: Beautiful pink and white vintage inspired kitchen chases away the winter blahs!

Day 14 of Vintage 365

For many in the western hemisphere, the world around us during the harsh winter months can veer on the dreary side. Though there is an unmistakable elegance and delicate beauty to this glistening and grey time of the year, it can be hard on the soul and lacking in cheer - which is all the more reason why it helps to surround ourselves with lovely, fun, colourful items to help carry us through (and keep our spirits high) until spring's triumphant return.

The moment I spied the stunningly pretty vintage inspired kitchen above amongst the gallery pages of the wonderful UK decor magazine Ideal Home, I went weak in the knees. The half foot of snow outside on my balcony ceased to exit and suddenly it was April. Flowers were blooming like fireworks, and the sun once again had warmth in its rays. No matter the time of the year, I would jump for joy to have a kitchen like this.

Rich in feminine beauty, timeless charm, and immensely upbeat (yet in no way glaring) hues that would be certain to perk up your mood each morning. Teaming with darling polka dots, lush cabbage roses, and a classic colour palette of mint green, milk white, bubble gum pink, and champagne beige, this easily liveable kitchen is the sort of stylish meets timeless room that steals your heart and leaves you suddenly wanting to redecorate! :)


  1. Oh, is that ever sweet! I find that color helps getting through the dreariness, too. This is a lovely combination, no doubt about it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So charming and adorable!


  3. Oh pink, pink, pink! I love pink! And roses! And polka dots! How I wish this kitchen were mine, mine, mine!

    Seriously - it's too die for. Thanks for showing us Jessica! *Hugs*

  4. I love this kitchen! My kitchen is white with pink and green thoughout! Jadite dishes and LuRay Pastel dishes add to the colors! It's cheery!

  5. Hi, sweet Jessica. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog. I appreciate you stopping by.

    It's going to take me weeks to go through all your posts, but I am loving every minute of it. This kitchen is to die for! I'm as weak at the knees as you were when you first saw it. Really, be still my heart!!

    I've pinned this to my page! (I'm one of your "pinners.")

    Have a wonderful day,