January 2, 2011

Vintage 365: Those Dancing Flappers!

Day 2 of Vintage 365


Last night in an email to my mom, I said to her that I felt like I'd been doing a (very!) happy dance in my head all day. I can't stress enough how elated I am that 2010 is behind us and that the prospect of 12 brand spanking new months is here. Those chipper feelings got me thinking about yesteryear dancing (my favourite kind for sure), and I bopped over to Youtube to go searching for the cheeriest video of vintage dancing I could find.

I think this immensely cool compilation of Flapper era clips fits that bill to an absolute tee! These frocking, gleeful, and wonderfully fashionably dressed gals really do represent the level of excitement I'm experiencing in my soul about the New Year, and hope that they'll help boost your own festive start of January feelings, too! :)


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog and the content is amazing. I remember seeing an old movie of my great grandmother when I was a child, didn't remember it til now until I saw this post. I remember now the family gathering in the old 1880's home (most furniture covered in plastic ack!) and breaking out the old film reels and watching (mostly silent) 16mm reels. Years later one of the family members were supposed to transfer these movies, never do know what became of them. What fun that era must have been. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh Jessica, I'm so glad to have found your blog, and the Flapper clip is over-the-top fabulous! I will definitely link to this post in the future, because I love flappers and I know lots of folks would enjoy this blog too! I've got happy feet just thinking about it.....


  3. This reminds me of my sixth grade year. For the school’s U.S. centennial celebration, each class had a part of portraying a part of America’s history. I really don’t recall what everyone else was doing, but I remember that a group of 12 of us girls preformed a Charleston dance from the 1920s.

    :) Hope

    1. How fun - and somewhat akin my grade six play, too. That year, for it's annual Christmas pageant, my elementary school (back in the good old days when elementary school was K-7!) went with the theme of music through the decades, assigning a decade or era to each grade. Most of the students in my grade (six) took part in a rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller (the show wasn't so much about Christmas as it was music), but I was able to talk the school's music teacher into letting me and two friends take part in the 1940s part of the show (huge surprise there, I know ;D).

      ♥ Jessica