January 23, 2011

Vintage 365: Delightful vintage inspired airmail make-up bag

Day 23 of Vintage 365

There are few things more enjoyable and touching than receiving a letter in the mail - especially if it's one you weren't expecting. I recently received just such a letter from a pen pal of mine on the other side of the county. It brought such a depth of happiness to my week that not even the -24C temps we've been waking up to some mornings here in Toronto recently could shake the warm sense of joy I felt from my soul.

It's scarcely a secret that letters are not written with the same frequency that they once were. Of course we have methods such as email and blogs to help stay in contact with our nearest and dearest, but so long as their is a postal system to carry them, I will always continue to write (and I very hope also receive) good old fashioned ink on paper letters.

Whether you pen ten letters a week or two year, you can always fill your home with vintage letter inspired decor, thus giving you a postal mail-like object to admire anytime you please (if you'd like to write more, but often find yourself putting it off, perhaps such an item would help motivate you to sit down and zip off a cheery note to a friend).

With that thought in mind, I went search for a lovely vintage letter themed item and come upon a beautifully charming PVC make-up bag from UK seller Aspire Style that is designed to look like an envelope on one side and a postcard on the other. Soft hues, a darling pair of birds, vintage style stamps and postal cancelations, and embroidered detailing on the front, all add up to make this Air Mail make-up pouch (which measures 17cm x 12cm and sells for £14.95) nearly as wonderful as real piece of mail.

Looking at it, I was suddenly struck with the idea that this marvelous cosmetic bag would also make a whimsically pretty place in which to store stamps, thus ensuring you'd have the correct postage ready and waiting any time you want to bring a hefty dose of happiness someone's way and mail them a handwritten letter.


  1. Aww i've seen these in shops over here, they are perfectly gorgeous and so sweet a design.

  2. oh love this post,
    first visit,

  3. I so love this bag! The birds, the postcard on the back...it so much resembles a truly loved letter to someone! I need to buy one! :)

    Very inspiring!

  4. I love your blog! It's wonderful and inspiring! As a fellow Canadian from Simcoe, Ontario I can sympathize with -24C temps! Have a wonderful vintage day and if you are ever down my way, check out my vintage collection. I'm on Etsy too! The Witchery Vintage :)
    Sandra ~
    ps. vintage Valentines are the best to collect!

  5. Back when I was around 17, my best friend and I used to exchange letters everyday, even though we saw each other nearly everyday. Obviously, we didn't send them through mail, but I looked foward to those letters, written in his peculiar handwrite. Years later he sent me a letter typed on the computer and I couldn't stop complaining for weeks, because I couldn't feel his presence in a typed letter, as I could in handwrite.

    I still keep letter from my first highschool boyfriend (we were 14 going on 15 and we didn't even kissed) and from a girl I considered to be my best friend when I was 10, with whom I have lost contact. She used to write on flowery paper....and I think I will post some pictures of that paper whenever I get it into my hand again. With my 1st boyfriend, we used to spread parfum on the paper before we wrote. Thank you for bringing all those memories back.
    Oh, and the make up bag is amazing!

  6. I. LOVE. THIS. BAG. I want...this bag. I might have to have...this bag. :) Thanks for the tip! So cute.