January 11, 2011

Vintage 365: Great list of 50 free apron sewing patterns

Day 11 of Vintage 365

I love a well put together, nicely organized list. I'm partial to making themself for all manner of things, and sincerely appreciate it when I encounter a great list that relates to something (or multiple things) that I'm interested in (in this case vintage + aprons + sewing). Recently I chanced upon a top-notch list of 50 free apron patterns (spanning everything from crocheted aprons to children's versions) on the cool craft and DIY related site Tipnut.com.

While not all of the apron patterns featured in this list are vintage, a selection of them towards the bottom of the list are (and I think that many others could easily be adapted to make them more vintage looking and/or certainly could be constructed from vintage fabric).

Though for the moment this list is pretty much just hanging out in my bookmarks until a sewing machine comes my way (hey, sewing machine fairy, are you listening? :D), I really enjoyed clicking through each of the links and checking out the diverse, fun, and creative assortment of apron patterns it was comprised of.

As I know that many of you, my lovely dears, are big time sewing fans, I wanted to share this handy-dandy free sewing pattern list with you and hope that you'll find something on that will soon have your sewing machines buzzing up an apron filled storm :)


  1. After that sewing machine fairy visits you, be sure to send her my way! ;)

  2. What a fantastic roundup! I loved reading the stories on each of the blogs about their memories associated with their aprons. What a great idea!