January 24, 2011

And the winner of the Worn Fashion Journal prize pack is...

Mondays isn't exactly famous for being the best day of the week, and when you open your eyes to a thick layer of shimmery frost on the inside of your windows and howling winds blowing -22C temps outside, it can take giving yourself quite a mental pep talk to emerge from the snuggly, toasty cocoon of your bed. However, brushing these points aside, I was definitely excited to get up today (despite the near arctic weather), bright and early, so that I could draw the winner of the Worn Fashion Journal prize pack giveaway.


The post about this giveaway received twenty nine comments, amongst which a random number generator selected number 26 as the winner. This comment belongs to none other than Liz from the serenely pretty blog Liz Secret Rendezvous. Joyful congrats on winning, Liz! I'll be contacting you this morning with further details about your lovely prize pack.

I want to thank each of your sweet dears who took part in this wonderful giveaway. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time reading your comments regarding what your favourite kind of fashion magazines are, and have to say that by and large, I share many of the same sentiments and taste in glossies that you gals do.

Many sincere thanks go out to the awesome team at Worn Fashion Journal as well, for collaborating with Chronically Vintage on this contest. It was a pleasure to work with you, and to share my passion for your absolutely stellar, highly interesting magazine with my readers (again).

Oodles of congrats again to our lucky winner, Liz! I hope that your magazine prize pack (consisting of five issues of Worn and a couple of adorable pin-back buttons), will help bring a marvelous dose of warm, happy feelings and scads of fashion inspiration your way!

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