January 9, 2011

Vintage 365: Awesome sailor tattoo art flats from Plasticland

Day 9 of Vintage 365

While the chilly, snow speckled world outside many of our doors right now calls for the mandatory wearing of boots or other heavy-duty footwear while facing the elements, there's something wonderfully upbeat (and reminiscent of warmer seasons) about slipping on a pair of ultra cute shoes as soon as you get indoors. Flats fit this bill perfectly. They can literally be tossed into a purse and totted with you to the office, school, a friend's house, on an airplane - wherever you're headed.

The cheerful pair above is a new addition to Plasticland's inventory (where they’re available for $43.00) and one that really caught my eye. I love the fact that these lively shoes are both versatile (thanks to the their mostly white and black palette and classic shape), yet also bursting with vintage (and rockabilly) charm thanks to the sailor inspired tattoo art (of precious little birds) near the back heels.

I could see these awesome nautical style flats (which are vegan friendly and available in standard ladies whole sizes) working with everything from vintage jeans and plaid shirts in the winter to navy, black or red wiggle dresses in the summer - and am sure they would help brighten even the dreariest, snowiest of January days! :)


  1. That looks like sailor jerry flash! you have to love old school tattoo inspired art. These are way cute.

  2. I love them. I need a pair of nautical shoes!