January 7, 2011

Vintage 365: Pottery Barn dress forms are both functional and decoratively gorgeous!

Day 7 of Vintage 365



In the magical world of my imagination where time flows slower than blackstrap molasses, money is never a worry, and I'm free to spend the bulk of my time in the most blissful of hedonistic manners, I would have a sewing room rich with vintage notions, tools, fabrics and patterns of all kinds. I'd learn to become a better sewer (right now I'm getting by on my high school home-ec skills until the day I get a sewing machine of my own), whip out marvellously lovely dress and other garments sewn from the plethora of 40s and 50s patterns I've picked up second hand over the years, and I would own at least one standout dress form.

Whether you love to sew (or share my daydream of doing in the future) or just adore the visual allure of an elegant (vintage looking) dress form, you're sure to instantly covet either one of these splendidly elegant, wonderfully whimsical and very handy dressmaker's dummies. Available in either classic linen or black and white polka dot ($199.99 each from Pottery Barn Teens), these charming mannequins measure 65 inches tall, feature an antique iron base, include ten push pins, and can be used either for sewing related purposes or as a great decor piece in any area of the house. (Both of them now firmly reside in the sewing room of my imaginary fantasy home Smile).


  1. Oooo those are gorgeous! I have just put them in my imaginary fantasy sewing room too :D

  2. They are just lovely! Happy New Year Jessica!


  3. What fun these are, Jessica! I read all the reviews at PB and they really are a great product. Thanks so much. – g

  4. I wish you had not shown me those. My imaginary, rich persons life, has no room for them in her already stuffed 3 homes. (mailibu, san fran and paris) time to buy another one! X

  5. love the photos!
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