January 15, 2011

Vintage 365: 1950s butterfly sweater clip is sure to set your heart aflutter

Day 15 of Vintage 365

Cardigans are my friends. Be it a bone chilling day in January or a steaming hot August evening, there's a fairly good chance that I've got a cardigan on - or at least have one within reach. These classically tailored wardrobe workhorses are staples that I really couldn't fathom getting dressed without. They add instant vintage charm to everything from satin blouses to sundresses (of course they can also look smashing when worn buttoned up from top to bottom and worn much like a sweater), and can be dressed up or down in virtually endless array of stylish ways.

If, like me, you also have a soft spot in your heart (and a chunk of closet space devoted to) cardigans, then you, my fellow sweater girl, may be in need of a old school little cardi bling. Enter the sweeter guard (aka, cardigan or sweater clip), a darling little accessory that is scarcely scene these days, but was once quite popular amongst women of all ages.

This clever contraption consists of a short length of chain that is joined to two (generally decorative) clips, each of which attaches to one side of your cardigan. Aside from serving as a beautiful piece of jewelry, this device is also useful for keeping your sweater drawn round you (without actually having to do the buttons up - which can be especially handy if you have a lovely garment on under your sweater that you'd like to ensure is the star of your ensemble that day).

The whimsically charming, (faux) pearl bedecked 1950s number in today’s post is amongst the most beautiful sweater guards I've ever seen – and would certainly be a marvelous addition to any vintage lover’s jewelry box. Like many awesome vintage treasures, this gorgeous butterfly sweater clip is available on etsy, where you can pick it up for $18.99 from seller Hey Viv's great shop.


  1. This is a winner for sure. So pretty. I agree, have not seen a clip as pretty as that before. Can't go past a cardi for practicality too. I love them. I do find it ard to find one that suits me, but when I do I wear it to death!

  2. I discovered this wonderful accessory recently, it never existed in Spain, I spent a long time to discover what it was called to look for it in the end I bought two. I love, love them

  3. As a fellow (year round) cardigan lover, I definitely need to invest in some of this stunning 'cardigan bling' ... so very pretty and would add an extra vintage touch to an outfit.


  4. I am completely a cardigan wearer! Yet another thing we have in common! :-)

  5. A girl after my own heart! I am exactly the same way. I adore cardigans. And coincidentally bought my first sweater clip on Etsy just last week! It has a little gold leaf on either side. I'm sooo excited to get it in the mail.

  6. Love sweater clips!!! I own several.