January 21, 2011

Vintage 365: Darling vintage inspired, handmade Valentine's Day card is sure to warm hearts

Day 21 of Vintage 365

With about three weeks left to go until Valentine's Day, it hit me this morning that time is running out to buy (or make) and send cards to your secret crush, BBF, beloved relative, favourite sorority sister, high school lab partner, or anyone else you'd like. In fact, I think Valentine's Day is a stellar - and very poignant - time to let (or remind) a lot of different people in your life that your care about/love them.

While the mainstream emphasis behind February 14th may be on romantic love, I've always seen this day, tucked away in the middle of a chilly winter's month, as a time to spread a general message of adoration and happiness, friendship and care amongst those you hold dear (after all, who doesn't love that special feeling that comes from receiving a beautiful card, complete with a thoughtful message written by friend or relative, any time of the year?).

With that thought in mind, I went searching on etsy for a card that would convey a sense of the Valentine's Day spirit - yet not necessarily be geared towards those who are knee deep in romantic amour. Of course said Feb. 14th destined card would also have to be delightfully old school inspired, too. After a fair bit of hunting around, I came upon exactly the type of vintage Valentine's Day card I had in mind amongst the delightful handmade creations offered up by etsy seller Sunny Skye Creations.

Bursting with splashes of red and pink (definitely enough to fulfill any Valentine's Day quota), charming doily lace inspired border work, a hint of sparkle, and an incredibly cute vintage inspired hand stamped image of a little girl holding a heart with with the letters "X" and "O" in it, this beautiful card (which sells for $4.00) would surely bring a generous dose of warm, fuzzy feelings to whomever you sent (or handed) it to!


  1. What a beautiful Valentine! Love the vintage flair & all the details. Only 3 weeks! Okay I am officially stressing now! :)

  2. That little Valentine girl is adorable! I'm hosting a group dinner for friends on Saturday before the 14th, so I'm definitely with you on it being a good time to show how much you care for all the important people in your life!