January 31, 2011

Vintage 365: Absolutely darling 1940s children's snow suit pattern

Day 31 of Vintage 365

Though I have neither a sewing machine of my own at the moment, nor easy access to anyone else's, I can't seem to curb my habit of occasionally buying vintage sewing patterns. Knowing that one day I will most likely acquire a machine, and that when I do I’ll want to sew up a massive storm of 40s and 50s clothes, I can't help but purchase beautiful vintage patterns from time to time.

However, while it's one thing to nab a fantastic pattern in my size when I come across one that really beckons to me, I can't in all good conscience spend money on patterns for children, given that I don't have any kids of my own yet (trust me though, sometimes I'm very tempted - there are such so many awesome, absolutely darling vintage patterns for kids clothing out there!).

However, just because I can't justify buying a pattern for a child I don't even have yet, doesn't mean I have to forget about said pattern entirely. On the contrary, thanks to this spiffy lil' blog, I can share my vintage pattern finds with all of you (many of whom I know are avid sewers who do have kids).

Recently while "pattern window shopping" (as I like to call it) on etsy, I came across this terrifically cute Advance children's snow suit pattern from the 1940s, and knew that it was too special a find not post about.

This adorable vintage pattern is complete and comes with everything (sans fabric and notions, naturally) you need to whip up a winter jacket, pants, and a charming little cap, which all equate to one splendidly sweet vintage snow suit. Should you happen to have little ones of your own, or if you sew for kids, this classically lovely pattern (which is available for $6.95 from etsy seller YoursLovely) really is to wonderful to pass up Smile

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