August 21, 2011

This darling 1950s coloring book is sure to make you smile

Day 233 of Vintage 365


It's Sunday, we've all just come through another long - perhaps even grinding - week of summer's sweltering heat. For those with youngsters, school is gearing up (or will be shortly, depending on where you live), somehow there's a sense that season is winding down, yet is by no means ready to say goodbye at this stage.

In the spirit of fun and relaxation that Sundays were, back in the days of idyllic front porch swings, tall glasses of freezing cold ice tea, well dressed ladies languidly waving fans, and as a proper Sunday supper roasts in the oven, were all about, I thought I'd keep today's post light and breezy. Just an adorable image from the heart of the 1950s that made me smile, and which captures a certain side of the soul of a decade so wonderfully.


The space race - and a cultural obsession with anything pertaining to the exploration of the cosmos - was already starting to take shape by 1953 when this colouring book (which comes by way of X-ray Delta One's superb Flickr stream), featuring Tommy and His Space Ship first hit the market.

From the charming style of the illustration to Tommy's buzz cut, space helmets for the pup and the doll, and the fact this delightful cut-out coloring book cost a mere ten cents, there's just something so wonderfully endearing, sweet, perfectly invocative of a bygone era about this now fifty-eight year old children's toy.

No need for in-depth topics or lengthy posts today. It's the second to last Sunday of August, time to get out in that sparkling summer air while it's still here, make some wonderful memories, and let your imagination sore as though you were cute little Tommy in his 1950s spaceship cruising the galaxy with your best pals, searching for adventure.

After all, isn't that really a rather apt metaphor for life itself?


  1. I loved coloring when I was little! I wonder, do kids still color these days? I love the look and smell of a brand new crayon box. I think I'm going to the store today and find a coloring book for myself, now that I'm thinking about it, coloring is a very relaxing activity.

    Take care,

  2. Again lovely memories Jessica and such a sweet image. Thank you for your lovely message, it's lovely to get a little insight to your devotion to all things vintage.

    Now I'm off to cruise the galaxy and let my imagination soar as I get creative in my studio.


  3. This does make me smile- especially the puppy dog with the space helmet and of course your write up (you've managed to transport me back in time!).
    This would have been the sort of coloring book that I couldn't bear to color in for fear I'd ruin it (I was odd like that as a child).

  4. The movement in the 'SPACE SHIP' typography is a nice touch. I guess I'm too cynical to go gaga over the illustration - my eyes go straight to the typography though.