August 18, 2011

It's never too early to start thinking about Halloween

Day 230 of Vintage 365


As some of you may recall for autumns past, I have more than a little passion for Halloween. Indeed, All Hallows Eve, with this sense of mystery, scads of happy memories, fabulous costumes, awesome parties, delicious treats, and plethora of great vintage decorations, is my favourite holiday of the year.

Though I refrain myself from putting out any decorations quite this early (I'm not a Hallmark store after all Winking smile ), that doesn't mean that - despite the toasty summer temps - I haven't already started thinking about Halloween. Because, believe me, I have.

There's less than two and a half months left to go, you know, that's not exactly an eon, and (perpetual Girl Guide that I am) I know the importance of being prepared.

Shortly I'll begin making my Thanksgiving and Halloween cards, I'll take the totes of black and orange decorates out of the storage, I'll debate whether to buy or whip together a costume out of garments and items I have on hand. And, as October 31st draws ever nearer, I'll watch my excitement level grow with each passing day.

I know that I'm not the only one who can already feel the spirit of Halloween tumbling over the summer days to reach us. Other Halloween fan(atics) like myself are drawing up blueprints for how they're going to decorate their yards (unfortunately being an apartment dweller, I don't have a yard to decorate), sewing costumes for their kids, scouring magazines (hello, Martha Stewart!) and cookbooks for frightfully fabulous new recipes to churn out in the coming weeks, and getting giddy over the fact that it'll soon be time to watch your most beloved Halloween movies again.

Naturally, I've already started honing in on anything I come across online that's both vintage and Halloween themed. One completely charming Halloween gift idea I chanced upon recently gets oodles of points in both those categories.



While it's awesome to make or prepare your own sweet treats and thank-you/hostess/birthday/etc gifts for Halloween, sometimes it's also great to have lovely premade options to turn to, especially if you're short on time. Thus a beautiful, fantastically vintage feeling Halloween gift basket like the one above from The Elegant Cookie (love that name!) can be a wonderful option.

The Elegant Cookie has a slew of delightful vintage themed Halloween gift options (or treats for yourself, too!), but I think that this particular gift basket, with it's darling black cat adorned items including old-fashioned Halloween note cards, a vintage photo frame, vintage Halloween embellishments, four spider web cookies, six Lindt truffles, and cute witch ornament is my favourite of their current offerings. (Should you have fallen under its spell, too, you can pick one up for $39.99 from The Elegant Cookie.)

So while, knowing that not everyone is quite as Halloween gung-ho as I am, I'll hold off on going full-blown Halloweenista on you for a few more weeks, given that we're drawing ever nearer to autumn, I wanted to devote today's post to reminding you that it's never (ever!) too early to start getting ready for Halloween 2011!


  1. Hi Jessica, love your post today. I am also one of those Halloween fanatic people! I love the idea of it, in fact i think we may host a Halloween party this year! I just cant wait for it to get here!

  2. I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone in my Halloween preparations!! It really is hard, isn't it, trying to hold off on autumn decorations when you're so ready for them?

  3. I think about Halloween year round!So sorry to hear about your health problems =(

  4. How funny! Ive been thinking about Halloween too! LOL!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  5. He he! I'm not a massive Halloween fanatic but it is rather fun - even here in England where it's not nearly as big as it is across the pond. Well, I just like any excuse to dress up really! And I nearly always go for the "make your own" option rather than buy a costume - it's so much more fun and creative. I'll usually buy a couple of bits and bobs to complete the creation but I do like being inventive and working with what I've got.

  6. Nice find! And no, it's never too early for Halloween!!

  7. Halloweenista....I love that. I hope its ok with you but I am going to use that term.

  8. I really like celebrating Halloween too though I'm not very fanatic lol! :) thanks for sharing!