August 4, 2011

Cream and blue 1930s kitchen shines with liveable appeal

Day 216 of Vintage 365


It was the chairs in this classically elegant 1930s that caught my eye first. They're quite similar to the set (which was painted white) that sat around our kitchen table when I a little girl. Swooping backs, gentle angled legs, and solid wood construction saw us through countless meals, evenings spent doing homework, weekend afternoons of spirited board games, and the catch-all spot for years of family memories.

Beyond the chairs, there is a lot that draws you into this good sized, nicely arranged vintage kitchen. It's crisp, almost modern feeling palette of creamy ivory and serene dark blue is really chic. You could throw in hits of dark red, lush green, tranquil turquoise, sugary pink, chic chocolate brown, or punchy yellow, amongst others, if you wanted to expand the hues further in a similar room.

{Pretty, almost nautical hued 1930s kitchen image care of clutter shop on Flickr.}


I really like the open floor plan that allows for a very nice number of cabinets. The cute little pot-and-pan nook, charming pair of windows (with both curtains and blinds), and eye-catching (but not startlingly so) floor are all terrific touches.

What this kitchen lacks though, is an abundance of counter space, so if one was to model their cooking arena after this 1930s design, you'd probably want to make more room counters - and a dishwasher and fridge for that matter, too (unless you really, really want to go for an authentic 1930s look and feel! Winking smile ).

These small cons are outweighed by the many lovely charms of this kitchen though, very much including those back-hugging wooden chairs, which all add up to a great image for your vintage home decor inspiration file.


  1. Cute! I love the color themes from that era. I don't think people do that as much nowadays. My great aunt's kitchen used to be turquoise, white, and black. My own was originally Mayballine pink and green, just like their iconic mascara tube ; )

  2. This is such an adorable kitchen! I love the chairs.

  3. Its funny how large kitchen are these days compared to how they were in the past. I happen to have a large kitchen, but before I did I always had tiny ones. I learned how to do all my prep work on a space about 12 by 18 and even with my large kitchen, I find I mainly keep to this small space! LOL!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  4. Yes we just adapt to the space we have I think...really like those rounded corners...a new trend maybe....