August 31, 2011

Happy 3rd birthday, darling Stella!

Day 243 of Vintage 365


Born on the streets of a metropolis city, as so many of her kind are each year, Stella was an urban feral cat from her first meow of life.

How exactly she went from that state to laying sweetly in a tiny cat bed at the rescue shelter when we found in in November 2008 is anyone's guess, but chances are she and her littermates were picked up by the local animal control squad.

Lacking early human interaction, Stella developed a shy - yet highly tenacious, independent personality. Ever-curious, bright as her name (which is Italian for "star") implies, and just about the sweetest bundle of tabby grey fur you could ever hope to encounter, Stella has blossomed and thrived as indoor cat under the loving care of my husband and I.

The first pet and we've had the pleasure of sharing as a couple, Stella is a breath of joy of happiness in our lives. She never ceases to delight us with her clever games, cute posses, elegant beauty, and inquisitive soul.

Though we don't know (as the shelter didn't either) her exact date of birth, she was approximately 11 weeks old when we adopted her, so counting backwards that would place her birthday squarely at the end of August.

Thus, from day one, Tony and I christened August 31st Stella's birthday and have happily celebrated it as such every year since.

Now turning three years old, Stella has morphed into much more of a lap cat (aka, cuddle bug), yet is still as energetic, curious and entertaining as a young kitten. We love her dearly and in celebration of her (official unofficial) birthday, I wanted to share a selection of delightful vintage cat images with all of you.

{Image sources: 1. Vintage illustration kitten with party hat, 2. Vintage Cats, 3. Honky Cat - Taken Between 1949 and 1952, 4. animal - cat and TV, 5. Woman with Cat, 6. aunt nona's cat on the car, 7. Cats - For PERSONAL use only, 8. Cats - For PERSONAL use only, 9. 1959 Sarah cat, 10. Kittens in a Box, 1960, 11. Cats - For PERSONAL use only, 12. MYSTERIES OF THE CAT 1932, 13. Vintage Cats}

And how could I note include one of my all-time favourite shots of the adorable feline birthday girl herself in this post, too? Smile


I love that each year Tony and I get to cap off August - the last full month of summer - by celebrating Stella's birthday. It seems both an awesome way wrap up summer and to start autumn off on a fabulous note at the same time.

If you're a proud pet parent, too (or have been in the past), do you enjoy marking your furry friend's birthdays as well?


  1. I had a first birthday party for my rescue dog. I invited family and friends and was amazed at all the dog related birthday stuff at the party stores. My kids swore I spent more on Junior's first birthday than theirs. Guilty as charged. I put the pics in Junior's scrapbook to capture the happy day. Happy birthday Stella!

  2. I am glad that I am not the only one who celebrates my pets' b-day. We buy a cake at the dog bakery and have 'grandma' and 'grandpa' over for a three course meal. They laugh at me because when my brother has a b-day for my nephew, all they get is an ice cream bar maybe. At the end of the meal the b-day boy or girl gets to sit on grandma's lap while we sing the b-day song and grandma helps blow out the candle. Grandma then serves them a piece of cake and we go to their friends' houses to bring them cake.

  3. I love the photos your chose. We are not pet owners because my allergies have a terrible time with animal dander but the feral cats in our neighborhood love to hang out in our yard. Sometimes they look at me as if I'm intruding on their territory if I dare to even step out the door. *laugh& I enjoy watching them play and sleep and try to figure out where the noise is coming from when I tap the window.

    Happy birthday, Stella!

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Love all of the cat pictures, but especially gorgeous Stella, she is one lucky cat, so good that you all found each other and bring each other so much love. Happy Birthday Stella.

  5. But of course we celebrate my dear Teddy's birthday with an extra treat or two!

    Happy birthday Stella!

  6. Hello sweet gals,

    Thank you each so very much for your wonderful comments and cheerful birthday wishes for Ms. Stella.

    We both appreciate them deeply and wish we could have celebrated her special day with all of you.

    Sending tons of hugs & kitty cuddles to all of you!

    Jessica & Stella

  7. Happy birthday to Stella! Bless your hearts for adopting her :-)

  8. Awww :) I bet that cute face keeps her out of a lot of trouble when she gets into mischief hehe Warmest happy birthday wishes to Stella! She's lucky to have found herself such a loving home. I always feel like there's something so much more rewarding about adopting an animal than buy one for a pet store. I think the animals sense you did something for them :)

  9. Happy Birthday Stella!!! =^..^= And I love your blog!!!!