August 22, 2011

Delightful 1930s worthy Peter Pan collar top

Day 234 of Vintage 365


The fashions of the 1920s and 30s enchant me. They encapsulate of a curious mix of casualness and elegance, channel a current of freedom, and speak of an age when prêt-à-porter wear was really starting to take off.

Luxurious fabrics mingled with work-a-day materials, lengthy strings of pearls sat beneath bobbed hair, cloche hats and newsboy caps topped heads everywhere, and skirt lengths rose and fell like the tide.

Though not the decades that my own vintage wardrobe hails from (alas, my petite, hour glass frame just doesn't work well in a gamine-worthy flapper dress), I admire the artistry and tailoring of the period of immensely.

Perhaps no one amongst our ranks captures the spirit of this era - and translates into the most wearable, appealing version your could imagine - better than the Vintage Baroness, whose blog I've fawned over and admired greatly since its inception.

And so it was of our lovely Baroness that I first thought when I spotted the delightful shirt below. At first glance one might perceive a Mod era element, and while I'll grant this this top could have passed muster in the swinging sixties, I sense a much more powerful 1930s vibe.


From the darling Peter Pan collar to the timeless colour palette, the lovely bow to the three-quarter length sleeves, this cute top radiates classic thirties charm.

Just as I could see it as a piece the Baroness might gravitate towards, so too I can envision it working in decades beyond the 1930s. Partner it with a crisp skirt suit and it takes on a non-nonsense WW2 years sensibility. Skin right capri pants or a full skirt and you're suddenly telegraphing a delightful 1950s Audrey Hepburn feel.

Made from soft, stretchy jersey, this lovely vintage inspired top (which would be perfect for the change in temps as we transition into autumn in the coming weeks) looks so comfortable, but also timelessly pretty. It's available for $39.00 from Plasticland in ladies sizes small to 2XL (and measures 23" inches long, which means that unless you have a very lengthy torso, it should hit you nicely around the hips).

So, while I might not be able to slip into a 1930s ensemble and look the part, I think that I could pull off a versatile, playful Peter Pan collar top like this, weaving it into a 50s outfit, but thinking - the whole time I'd be sporting it - of those daring style mavens of the roaring 20s and wild 30s.