August 11, 2011

Charmingly pretty vintage family name vinyl wall art

Day 223 of Vintage 365


Vinyl wall art and text has been exceedingly popular for the past several years. While it's wide-spread home decor adoption may have flourished most prolifically in the States, it has certainly made its way up here to Canada and to many other corners of the globe, too.

It's easy to see why. Much, much easier (and often considerably less expensive) to put up then wallpaper, far more temporary (if you so choose) than a coat of paint, and able to be removed in the blink of an eye, vinyl wall decals are a whimsical, charming, often very beautiful way of adding anything from sass to elegance, pizzazz to intrigue to any room in your house.

Though not a mid-twentieth century decor touch per se (smaller decals, often featuring lovely illustrations of flowers or fruit - were available at the time that could be applied certain types of smooth surfaces like glass), amongst the myriad wall art designs on the market today, one can certainly find some that telegraph a delightfully old school vibe.

Some of the most interesting - and beautiful - vinyl words I've chanced upon so far are those offered up by etsy seller Single Stone Studios. In between sighing and drooling over the many beautiful designs (that run the gamut from chicly modern to sweetly old fashioned) that this vinyl art specialist serves up, I spotted the Vintage Style Family Name listing, which allows buyers to have a custom wall decal designed and manufactured with their own personal details (family surname and year your family/relationship started).

I'm such a sucker for a beautiful antique or vintage looking font and the one used in this decal nails it perfectly. Calling to mind yesteryear advertisements, playbills and even early movie posters, this great font would look marvellously at home in many vintage lover's abodes.

Measuring in at 36" wide x 10.5" high (though they offer custom orders with different sizing, if you'd like, just convo Single Stone Studios on etsy for more details), this self-adhesive, waterproof vinyl decal is designed to last for five years outdoors or (to quote the company themselves) virtually forever indoors. It can be applied to pretty much any kind of smooth, flat, clean surface from doors to windows, walls to home appliances, kitchen tiles to wooden furniture.

In this case however, I think that a wall or very large door would probably be the most fitting place for such a strikingly lovely celebration of your family's name. I'd be inclined to put a decal like this in my living room or (were it larger) my entryway, as a lovely - and loving - reminder of when my family began and importance of our last name.

Retailing for reasonable price (especially when you consider that this is a customized decal) of $28.00, this endearingly pretty vintage style wall decal (which you can have designed in a broad range of colours) would make a fabulous present for a newly married couple, anniversary, baby shower, house warming, hostess gift, birthday or Christmas gift.

Of course, you can definitely pick up one for your own vintage loving – and styled - home, too. Smile

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