August 28, 2011

Seeking summertime serenity

Day 240 of Vintage 365


It's a little hard to believe that this is really, truly, the last Sunday of August. Has summer slipped away from our grasp entirely yet? No, thankfully, but with the return in a few short weeks of autumn, we really don't have to much longer to latch onto and savour the splendours of this toasty season.

This year has seen a summer of ups and downs for me. It was a a juxtaposition of trying days and moments of beautiful happiness. I've squeezed in time to be creative and churned out several lovely (if I may say so myself), scrapbooking pages and cards. I wrote good old-fashioned letters, swapped Girl Guide patches, enjoyed many wonderful chats and days with my sweet husband, and came up with a couple of new recipes that I'm presently smitten with.

There were dark moments due to family issues, tons of medical related matters, and a heat wave that would have made the Devil himself sweat, but as we near the end of 2011's summer season, I already find myself wishing it was June 1st again.

Perhaps that's just it, maybe part of me I want a redo on this summer. Life doesn't work like that though (for better or worse). It's an ongoing series of days that we get through as best we can, always hoping for a bright tomorrow and a today that we can say was regret free and lovely, exactly as it was.

I don't have any major plans in the works for fall, not sure what winter holds in store quite yet either, but that's entirely ok. The older I get, the more I love celebrating each day as it happens, taking it at face value and trying (with varying degrees of successfulness) not to worry too much about what lies on the unknown horizon.

This mindset doesn't give one carte blanche about their destiny, instead it aids in making the present considerably less taxing on your soul. Or at least, that's what I'm learning it means.

So long as summer is still here, I hope to get in some more nights spent watching falling stars, days of eating fresh seasonal produce, and mornings spent embracing the wonders of this magical season.

{Tranquil, lovely 1920s summer sailing photograph via *Kichi* on Flickr.}


Though even this past week was quite hectic (!), at the end of nearly each day, I've found myself greeted by a sense of innate serenity.

This feeling greets me as dusk sets and the weight of the day starts drift from my shoulders. It's sweet and oh-so-welcomed, as I'm a rather notorious worrier. Yet fretting, as touched on above, rarely gets you anywhere and robs you of the kind of peace you deserve deeply right now.

So while last the Sunday in August is here, I'm trying to hold onto the sense of calm, imagining myself out sailing on a placid sea, perfectly content in the moment, holding nary a grudge against the tough times this season, and grateful each day of summer we have left.


  1. Hello Jessica... I agree about the summer... we had a beautiful summer here in Maine, but I've only been to the beach once! I can't believe it... I would like to extend the summer by two weeks just to get back some things I wasn't able to get in before Labor Day... Have a great day and enjoy your last week of August!!

  2. I can't believe that summer is nearly over either. For me it seemed to arrive a bit late and start off slow, but now here were are and August is at a close! Lovely post and reflections. I often wish I could go back and re-do a couple of months or years sometimes, but we really must live for the present. I hope that this coming fall brings better things for you!

  3. Enjoy the last days of summer Jessica, I'm sure there are still many lovely warm days ahead before the winter sets in.

    We are looking forward to the spring ahead here in Australia, the weather is starting to warm up and all is good.