August 27, 2011

These beautiful 1940s reproduction velvet Mary Janes are perfect for fall

Day 239 of Vintage 365


Soon autumn will be upon us - that season of Midas-worthy golden sunshine, endlessly crisp breezes and nippier temperatures. Given that fall is my favourite season, I'm tickled pink (errr, pumpkin orange?) about this, but know that one of the things I'll miss about summer is the light, playful, carefree footwear it brings.

I'm definitely not a flip-flop gal (outside of the beach), instead I love to spend the summer in wedges and cute vintage inspired sandals. I don't have a large summer footwear wardrobe, but those pairs I do own are well-loved and most have been with me for several years now.

Autumn in Canada can whiz past so fast that if one blinks, they stand the very real chance of missing it entirely. While it's here however, I'll definitely be enjoying the fact that you can still get away with wearing shoes (outdoors) that aren't the heavy-duty, snow-proof boots or other similarly sturdy footwear that winter demands.

Much like the clothing of fall, shoes for this time of year strike a pleasant - and very beautiful - balance between the lightness of summer and the utilitarian nature of winter. You can usually get away with peep-toes and ankle straps still, yet by the same token, you can easily reach for richer, sturdier fabrics, too.

The more I stop and think about it, the more I realize I love autumn footwear. It's dependable and practical, but in no way devoid of elegance or beauty (that's right snow boots, I'm talking about you!).

One of the most delightful pairs of autumn appropriate vintage inspired shoes I've chanced upon lately are these stellar brown velvet Mary Janes from renowned dance show brand Aris Allen.

At a modest - but in no way matronly - 2.25 inches high, the heel on these charming pair - which are an exact copy of 1940s dress shoe - is wonderfully wearable, and stands to be quite comfortable if you need to be on your feet for long spells.

Featuring a bit of mesh for added breathability and style, these lovely brown velvety Mary Janes would look amazing with so many colours in fall's wardrobe palette. Can't you just imagine pairing them with taupe, camel, deep red, navy blue, mustard, rust, paprika, ivory, dusty rose, denim, and teal - to name but a few, I certainly can.

In fact, in my experience brown shoes can be virtually as versatile as black ones, with the added benefit of standing out a smidge in the crowd of onyx heels.

I'd love to slip into these velvet heels (which are available in ladies whole and half sizes, ranging from 6 to 9, for $59.95 from and a tweed skirt suit or cream hued dress. They could take on a causal spin with high waisted vintage jeans or become instantly date night appropriate with a jersey dress.

So while parting with summer won't be the easiest thing to do, gorgeous vintage reproduction shoes like this brown velvet gems definitely help make embracing autumn's arrival worlds more fun - and fashionable!


  1. I do agree about wearing cute sandals and wedges in summer. Flip flops are a bad habit I'm trying to break. They completely lack style, yet are a California staple 10 months a year.

  2. Well, Jessica, you convinced me--I bought a pair of the black-on-black! (I told them you sent me, too.) Thanks for posting this.

  3. They are delightful, I totally agree!

  4. Those shoes are striking. If they are as comfortable as they look, I think I will have to get myself a pair of them.

  5. These are so precious. I definitely am going to try to incorporate more brown into my wardrobe.