August 6, 2011

Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Day 218 of Vintage 365


As with all days of the year, today has played host to a great many people's birthdays over the centuries. From famed British poet Tennyson (b. 1809) to pop culture artist Andy Warhol (b. 1928), Noble laureate Sir Alexander Fleming (b. 1881) to beloved actress Lucile Ball (b. 1911), quite a few well-known folks have made their debut into life on August 6th.

While I certainly love Lucy, enjoy Andy's vibrant art, lap up Tennyson's words, and am very thankful for the work Fleming contributed to the world of science and medicine, the person whose birthday falls today that matters most to me is that of my beloved husband, Tony.

As he turns a spritely 31 this sizzling hot August morn, today will be the seventh of his birthday I've gotten to celebrate with him, and I could not be more elated about that fact.

Tony and I are both "summer babies" (with my birthday falling in July), and we love the fact that there's less than a month separating our special days. The time between the two seems to hold a special sort of excitement and anticipation, fuelled on my birthday first and the lead up to his today.

There's a cake to be baked, meals to prep, gifts lay out, and myriad other birthday details to tend to, so today's post won't be a giant one.

Instead, as the searing golden sun cuts a path across the sleepy horizon, I'll cheerfully send all those - who like me - are fans not only of your loved ones' birthdays, but b-days in general, to cheek out not one, not two, but three different delightful Flickr groups devoted solely to vintage birthdays!

-Vintage Birthday Parties

-Birthday Cakes of the Past

-Happy Vintage Birthday to You

{This sweet little dark eyed tot from the 1940s, whom I discovered in the Happy Vintage Birthday to You Flickr group, reminds me in many ways of my husband in his baby pictures from the same age. Both were so cute and eager to dig into their birthday treats! Smile Image via Zellaby on Flickr.}

I feel honoured and blessed to share in this special day with Tony. He's an wonderful, intelligent, caring, sweet, funny, loving man and I am truly grateful that I can to spend my life with him - and celebrate his today! (Wearing my very favourite vintage party dress, natch!)

Happiest birthday, my darling, here's to countless more August sixths together!


  1. thanks for sharing the great vintage birthday links. they're lovely, and so much fun!

    hope you have a great day :)

  2. Awww, what a sweet post :) Your husband shares his birthday with some very cool people. Such a cute picture of the little guy from the 40s enjoying his birthday. I hope that you and your husband have a very lovely day celebrating his special day! :)

  3. Dearest Jessica, I so enjoyed this! Please pass on my very best birthday wishes to Tony and appreciation for all he contributes to your life and thus to ours via CV. Happy Birthday, Tony! – g