June 30, 2009

Cheerful plaid pieces for summer

When I find one thing that catches my eye as a source of inspiration (and/or desire), I’m a happy camper, but when I spot a second very similar item (or photo, etc) within a couple of days, I know I have the makings of a good post :)

Such was the case with the incredibly pretty photo below of Cammila sporting a stunningly beautiful rainbow hued plaid suspender dress (which actually belonged to a 1950s showgirl act called the Holly Sisters at one point, how awesome is that?).

{I am absolutely smitten by how amazing this dress is – and how by stellar Cammila looks in it!}

A day or two later I discovered a really lovely lightweight wool coat that struck me as being much more vintage in cut and composition than most plaid outwear on the market today. Just as cool this coat’s old school feel though, is its amazing price tag of just $15 (US).

{“Golden State Plaid Truffle Coat” from the 15 Dollar Store.}

These two finds set me on the hunt for more happy, punchy hued plaid pieces that would work wonderfully well in any vintage fashion maven’s summer wardrobe, the results of which you’ll find below.

♥ ♥ ♥

{As if the charming, almost beach inspired colours in this versatile plaid top weren’t enough, it’s topped with a super flattering waistline bow for even more summery beauty. $19.80 (US) from Forever 21.}

{These acyclic stretch bracelets are a little punk, a tad rockabilly and totally fun! $21.00 (US) each from alltherangeonline.}

{While there’s no denying this v-neck sundress is very cute from the front, it’s even more adorable from the back thanks to a wonderful, 50s inspired cut-out and bow!. £50.00 (UK pounds) from Oli.}

{I love a lightweight, vibrant purse with a sturdy handle come summer, and these wonderful plaid print numbers – with their wooden handles – fit the bill perfectly. Currently on sale for $19.99 from Chadwicks.}

{Fresh and sweet as a garden full of violet hued blooms, this vintage skirt – which the seller estimates to be from around 1962 – would look wonderful with t-shirts, blouses and cardigans all summer long. $42.00 (US) from etsy seller schmoo 1515.}

{Upbeat and full of blue tones that invoke thoughts of cloud-less skies and lapping ocean waves, this pretty plaid halter top is terrifically redolent of similar 1950s styles. $19.99 (US) from CutesyGirl.}

{The lively hues in this marvelous vintage frock from the 1940s, remind me those you might encounter in an old fashion Jell-O cookbook. $55.00 (US) from esty seller Sass n’ Class Vintage.}

{The chipper, colourful ribbons zip-zagging across this lovely halter neck bathing suit call to mind a Maypole and would make for a wonderful dose of cheer at any beach! $44.50 (US) from dELiAs.}

{These plaid sling-back flats look both positively adorable and very, very comfortable, plus they’re on sale for an incredible price! $7.99 (US) from Chadwicks.}

{This feminine, fun 1950s inspired dress would be just the ticket for any number of summer events, from weekend picnics in the country to evenings spent watching falling stars. $98.00 (US) from Unique Vintage.}

Is plaid a favourite pattern for summer – or any time of the year – for you? It certainly is for me! A few weeks ago I blogged about a terrific plaid shirt that I found after searching for for quite some time for one that didn’t drown me in its pattern. To date it’s still the only plaid piece in my summer wardrobe, but if I could find local shops nearby with well priced pieces like the ones above, I’d be willing to bet that darling top would suddenly have some new plaid siblings to keep it company :)


  1. love plaid, and you have chosen a lovely choice

  2. cammila looks stunning in that dress! great plaids all around

  3. I am not a big lover of plaid, but I really liked the blue top with those black pants. Great post!

  4. Hi honey! Happy tuesday to you! I LOVE the blue halter & the last dress I MUST have them :) have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Jessica!
    Love plaid - it's NEVER out of fashion! Particularly liked the flats - look so comfortable too!
    xLOL LOLA & Nora:)

  6. I've been into plaid lately and just ordered a Madras sheath dress. It's so much in demand, it's on back order. Hope I eventually do get it ;D

  7. I love that last dress!! So summery and fun!

  8. Totally fab as usual, I like the shoes and the last skirt. Very nice. xxx

  9. Hi there, have left an award for you at my place.xx

  10. Oh dear, now I'm blushing! You're so sweet -- and seriously, plaid is the bomb! Those purses are so summery and adorable, and those bracelets are amazing....I think you're turning my one day of plaid love into an extended obsession! ;)

  11. My comments are working! Hooray!

    I am a HUGE fan of plaid! LOVE IT!

    I am loving those bracelets!

  12. @ Gingeygine, thank you very much, my fellow plaid fan! :)

    @ Elena, doesn't she just glow in that dress?! Thank you, sweetie, I had oodles of fun going on a "plaid hunt" to put this post together.

    @ The Glamourous Housewife, thank you, my dear! I think that that's the neat thing about all sorts of patterns, even if you don't love most pieces in a certain print, there's still usually the occasional piece that will jump out and catch your eye.

    @ GypsyFox, thank you, sweetie! I adore that dress, too! You should definitely treat yourself to these lovely pieces :)

    @ Nora, I agree, I've been hunting all over the place for flats like that this summer to no avail. I have wide, uneven sized feet (and have learned through trial and error that I simply have to try shoes on before buying), otherwise I'd try my luck at ordering a pair online.

    @ Sher, I'm really into plaid this summer, too! I can't wait to see your Madras dress, I bet it will be stunning!

    @ Maggi, it is fantastic isn't it? I would love to wear that to a summer garden party.

    @ Dustjacket attic, I like the skirt a lot too! I used to hit the local thrift stores on my lunch hours during high school and would sometimes find similar skirts (mainly in greys and browns), but never one in that colour palette. Hopefully I'll come across one someday :) (Thank you very much for the awesome award, I'm so honoured! I'll be blogging about receiving it on Thursday. Thank you again, dear friend!)

    @ Poke Salad Annie, so do I! The curvaceous shape of the neckline is so appealing!

    @ Cammila, it's true, I do utterly love that dress. It's one of those pieces that you see and know will forever be a vintage inspiration to you. Thank you very much for posting it, it's my favourite vintage dress in ages and a true work of vibrantly hued art :)

    @ Bee and Rose, I'm so delighted to know you can comment again! Thank you very much for letting me know, honey. Aren't those bracelets fantastic? I think they'd look awesome against denim or anything in the dark blue family.

    Many thanks to you each for your fantastic comments, I appreciate them so much - and really hope that you're all having a marvelous week! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  13. I love the blue halter! So cute! Only wish they had it in L, seems they are all sold out.