June 28, 2009

Pretty Link Roundup {June 28}

From birthday party worthy dresses to a momentary respite from the summer heat care of vintage Christmas images to unfathomably gorgeous modern historical re-enactment photos, the topics here this lately have been a very assorted lot, to say the least!

{Summer rolled into town with horns blaring this week, as temperatures soared well into the 30s (90s). Time for icy cold drinks, adorable outfits and sunny afternoons spent with friends to help keep your mind off the sweltering heat! Image via myvintagevogue’s Flickr stream.}

Carrying on with that fun sense of eclecticism, this weekend’s roundup of awesome links spans everything from Time Capsule homes to Jane Russell’s 88th birthday. I hope you discover something that peaks your interest among them - and please don't hesitate to share your own recent favourite posts and finds in the comment section.

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* Travel in Style: Whether you’re jetting off across the country or around the world, A Red Lipstick has compiled some sleekly sophisticated and wildly stylish vintage travel images to inspire your look no matter where you’re headed.

* A Vintage Summer: Darla has gathered up a lovely selection of old school summer images plus her picks for vintage bathing suits, sunglasses, swim caps and dresses, that leave you eager to add some of these stellar warm weather looks to your own closet.

* Swimwear by decade – 1930: Highlighting the bathing suits of each decade in the twentieth century, Karen of Bobbins and Bombshells takes a peak at those of the thirties this week, complete with some fantastic photos and vintage swimwear adverts. (Be sure to check out her posts on the 1900s and 1920s as well.)

* Finger waves of long hair: Youtube hair guru Iris shares her easy-to-follow tips on how to achieve finger waves on longer hair lengths.

* Living in a Design Time Capsule: The New York Times takes an interesting and insightful look into people who have lived in the same homes, with the same furnishings and decor for decades. Just the sort of homes many of us vintage lovers would give our right arms to move into on the spot! ;)

* Jane Russell Turns 88: As one of the mid-century’s most famous brunette actresses, Jane Russell was a household name throughout the 1940s and 50s, especially after her role alongside Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. Katie of Old Hollywood Glamour celebrates Jane’s 88th birthday with a slew of beautiful photos, plus a story about her own experience of seeing this iconic actress in person.

* Liberty Prints: Sally Jane vintage highlights some incredibly charming pieces in one of my all-time favourite patterns, liberty print. (And for more covetable items in this pretty, feminine print be sure to check out the bustiers in this Fashion Police post.)

* Vintage Shopping: Buyer Beware Edition, Part 1: Past Perfect Vintage has put together a thoroughly useful series of posts about what to know and what to keep an eye out for when buying vintage clothing. (Stop by parts two and three for more great tips, too.)

* To market, to market: For those of us who hoof it to and from our weekly trips to the market, trolley bags on wheels can be a huge lifesaver. Here Millie Motts highlights some terrific vintage ads for the kinds of styles of personal shopping carts that were popular in France during the middle of the century.

On the video front this week, is a wonderfully handy how-to guide for those looking to tell the difference between vintage and modern (but vintage looking) items of clothing, care of the ever-talented (and beautiful!) Aya of Strawberry Koi (who has just launched her own etsy vintage clothing shop, be sure to pay her a visit there and check out the excellent, hand-picked pieces.).

{How to know if it’s vintage}

As we head into the last few days of June, with temperatures scorching like a hot poker iron, I’m looking forward to a festive day mid-week when July 1st ushers in Canada Day. Full of barbeques, long hours spent inhaling fresh air late into the night, and an evening firework show, it’s sure to be a wonderful early summer celebration. What do you, my wonderful vintage readers, have on your radar this week?


  1. Hi Jessica!
    You've given us sooo much essential information here, I'll be spending part of MY week hitting the links and digesting it all!
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  2. wow! i will be diving into those links this very moment!

    trinsch of www.senseofashion.com

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  4. Jessica! I too will be digesting these fabulous links tonight with a big glass of red wine!

  5. That video was very informative, thanks for posting it! I'm off to visit the links!

  6. Hey Jessica. I'll definitely be checking these out. Thanks for sharing them with us. I love that photo. I wish that was how I was spending my day. Take care. Have a cool week. Cheers!

  7. Holy WOW! I love this post I plan on visiting each link, leter, I visited the first 4! thanks for these lovely intros & the viedo is SUPERB! I added a side note on my post about how fab this post is..LOL BIG UNIVERSAL HUGS to you my sweet Jessica!

  8. Very informative video. Thanks for posting it.

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  10. @ Nora & Lola dears, thank you both for your messages! How toasty is it in Andalucia right now? (What comment did presh little Lola delete? I'd be super happy to come comment again if she deleted it from one of your posts. Just let me know :) )

    @ trinsch, I hope you have lots of fun diving into the links, sweetie.

    @ Marie, that sounds marvelous! I'm not able to drink at all due to medical reasons, please think enjoy your lovely glass of wine for both of us :)

    @ Maggi, my pleasure, sweetie. Enjoy hopping through the links!

    @ Keith, I wish I was spending my day that way, too! Why can't we all have far too much money and spare time, so we could spend the summer someplace breezy and entirely relaxing.

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    @ Sher and Pretty Little Pictures, thank you, dears! So glad you enjoyed the post and video.

    Many thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! I hope you each have an absolutely terrific Tuesday!

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