June 22, 2009

Take a spin in a turquoise world {Monday Muses, June 22, 2009}

In one of the bedrooms I lived in as a child the walls were covered in the prettiest pale turquoise wallpaper that featured tiny – almost Liberty print style – peach and soft buttercup yellow flowers. This visual influence paired with my love from a very early age of 1957 Chevie Bel Air cars in glossy, vibrant turquoise, no doubt helps to explain my lifelong adoration of this soothing, gentle colour.

Though the mere mention of the word turquoise often conjures up thoughts of mid-century kitchens, appliances and vehicles, the use of this hue – and the mineral based gemstone from which the colour takes its name – stretches back thousands of years. Ancient as an appreciation for turquoise is however, there’s no denying the fact that its modern heyday certainly came about in the 1950s, as pastel, salt water taffy inspired hues began to permeate home decor, kitchenware, furniture, and the fashion world.

{Often paired with soft pink, yellow or peach, or alternatively as in the fabulous kitchen above, black and white, turquoise became a very popular colour for kitchens, appliances and home decor in general during the fifties. Image from Saltycotton’s Flickr stream.}

Be it in the form of jewelry, clothing, household goods, fabric, paint, cars or just about anything else, I always feel myself drawn to turquoise. It generally works well with my fair complexion and green eyes, I feel happy when I slip into – or adorn myself with – something in this lovely shade of sky blue meets soft green.

Perfectly suited to the cheerfully effervescent nature of June, turquoise looks smashing on almost any complexion and can be woven into the decor of most any home. Vintage items sporting the colour turquoise abound and are most certainly worth keeping an eye out for as you hit the flea market, yard sale and thrift shop circuit this summer.

{This 1959 luggage ad clearly shows that turquoise was in vogue during the later part of the decade. Though the model in this photo looks undeniably sophisticated, I wonder if it would be as effortlessly simple to pull off a full-length turquoise fur coat these days? Vintage scan via sugarpie honeybunch’s Flickr stream.}

Inspired by the following collage of turquoise themed Flickr images that I’ve favourited over time, I have decided that this calming, aqua hue – which calls to mind everything from outdoor New Mexico markets to shimmering swimming pools – is my Monday Muse this week. I know that many of my fellow vintage lovers are also diehard turquoise fans, so I’ve gathered up some stellar wardrobe pieces in this chipper, joyful colour, which I hope you’ll love as much as I do!

1. car, 2. Jewel Redux, 3. Vogue June 1959, 4. MInted Rose Locket, 5. DSCF2083-3, 6. Tiara ~ Crown Swap, 7. Turquoise butterprint Pyrex mixing bowl, 8. retro 1950's wall clock, 9. c o l o r • m e • n o s t a l g i c, 10. 1950s Turquoise Royal Typewriter, 11. Vintage tin tray by Daher (made in England), 12. Vintage Peach & Aqua Printed Tablecloth, 13. aqua rose dress {Click on a link to see a larger version of a particular image and/or for photographer information}

♥ ♥ ♥

{Equal parts adorable and sultry, this gorgeous turquoise and white dress looks like it would definitely hug you in all the right places! $139US from Pinup Girl Clothing.}

{Don’t you just love this vintage 1950s, rose print full skirt? Its combo of white, black and turquoise reminds me of the kitchen in the advertisement above, and I think, would go beautifully with everything from brown cardigans to red high heels. $45US from Blue Velvet Vintage.}

{Truly worthy of a red carpet event, this incredibly pretty, pale aqua/turquoise 1950s dress with matching bolero was turn heads anywhere you went! $185US from Vintageous.}

{One look at this adorable, vibrant halter neck vintage inspired swimsuit and I want to run to nearest pool and dive in! $98(US) from Babygirl Boutique.}

{From the full skirt to the button front to the v-neck lapel, I absolutely adore everything about this Trashy Diva vintage reproduction frock! $114.99US from Blue Velvet vintage.}

{Are you an admirer of turquoise but don’t want to dress head-to-toe in it? Opt instead for colourful accessories like this pretty rose and baby’s breath hair flower. $12(US) from Pinup Girl Clothing.}

{Though this stunning floral print, halter neck dress is one hot number, I get the feeling that it’s breezy neckline and shorter skirt length would do an awesome job of keeping you cool all summer long! $47.99 from Mod Cloth.}

{No roundup of turquoise fashion would be complete without at least piece of jewelry featuring this revitalizing colour. This versatile and comfortable looking stretch bracelet from the 1950s would look amazing with everything from a white blouse to blue jeans to a black evening dress. £8.00 (UK pounds) from Ji Ji Kiki (note this site offers free shipping worldwide on orders over £30).}

{Luxurious and elegant, but still playful fun, this gorgeous satin sarong dress is pretty enough to wear to a beach wedding – whether as a guest or the bride :) $130.00(US) from Pinup Girl Clothing.}

Turquoise is a beautiful, timeless colour that can add a wonderful dose of fifties style to your home or wardrobe. I personally love pairing it with hues like grey, brown, black, white, pale pink and dark red, and find that it’s one of the best colours to wear on days when you want to feel both energized and calm. Are you a turquoise fan too - and if so, what are some of your favourite ways to add this terrific colour to your world?


  1. that modcloth dress is so cute!
    love blues any and all shades :)

  2. I'm so glad you liked the video! They were thrilled with it.

    My grandma has some of the turqoise blue dishes with little Dutch prints - I love them!

    - Cait

  3. What a timely post, I decided a couple of days ago that I wanted a turquoise kitchen! lol (Have you seen Fleur's kitchen on her blog? I'm drooling! lol) This post really makes me want to hunt out some turquoise and that evening dress with the bolero looks like something right out of Lucy Ricardo's wardrobe! (Remember the episode where she bets Ricky he'll lose his temper before she buys a new hat? Well, they talk about the hat she buys being turquoise and I always wished I could see a color picture of it! lol)

  4. I LOVE turquoise in all shades! That is a fantastic kitchen and although there is a lot of turquoise there, is incredibly modern. Great picks Jessica! :-)

  5. My Mom used to have a mixing bowl like that!

    Turquoise can be both soothing and vibrant at the same time. It is the second dominant color in my wardrobe.

  6. Jessica, how did you know that turquoise is one of my favorite colors? Sets off my fabulous fur beautifully!!
    Lovely post as always! Will be back again soon!
    xLOL LOLA:)
    PS Left a little comment for you at my place!

  7. @ Elena, I love that dress too, though it's a little shorter than I generally like to wear (I hate my knees and only wear hemlines that hit below them). Still that can always be remedied by layering a skirt or tasteful lace slip underneath (giving the dress a great petticoat look). I bet you would look stunning in it, blue always looks amazing on you!

    @ Maggi, what awesome timing! I would utterly love a turquoise kitchen too! I love cheerful, bright kitchens and turquoise is colour that can really help deliver both of those elements. I just saw Fleur's photos a couple of days ago and my jaw nearly hit the ground! That is one of the most awesome vintage kitchens I've ever seen! So full of inspiration - just like Fleur herself :)

    I don't actually recall the Lucy episode you mentioned, but it sounds adorable! Hopefully I'll get a chance to catch it sometime.

    @ Some Like it Vintage, thank you so much, my fellow tuquoise lover! :)

    @ Sher, ooohhh, I adore vintage Pyrex (though I don't own any at the moment), how cool that your mom used to have a bowl like that.

    @ Nora and Lola :D, just a lucky guess! :) Thank you for the comment on your blog, I will definitely check back for more of Lola's wisdom (and adorable photos!).

    Many thanks, lovely ladies, for your terrific comments. I hope you all have a fantastic, relaxing Tuesday!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I am definately a turquoise lover. Especially the stone, which I think makes beautiful accessories. I like it combined with brown and with orange (but it has do be the right shade of orange and the right shade of turquoise).
    I have many things in a colour which is related to turquoise, but I believe not quite the same: teal.

    Oh...and I would LOVE a kitchen like that!

  9. I wear this color almost every day in some way. A skirt, a top, vintage beaded jewelry, and sometimes as an eye shadow. We'll be needing a new washer & dryer set soon, I hope I can find a set in turquoise!

  10. @ M, I'm a huge fan of teal, too. I realized recently that for the past few years I've almost always constantly had at least one teal short or long sleeve button up blouse in my wardrobe, because teal is works really well with my colouring and such tops can become "go to" pieces for me. (I'd absolutely adore a kitchen like that, too!)

    @ Glamoursurf, that's so awesome! I wish I had enough turquoise to wear it in some way or another every day. You're an inspiration to turquoise lovers everywhere! :) (Have you seen the LG washer in turquoise? Here's a link to it: LG washer in turquoise).

    Thank you both very much for your terrific comments. I hope you're having a fantastic day, my dears!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. @ Glamoursurf, sorry, sweetie, Blogger garbled my URL link code for some reason. Here's the link again: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/LG-4-cubic-foot-Turquoise-Front-load-Washer/3363301/product.html

    ♥ Jessica

  12. @ Cait, I'm sorry, sweetie, I just got the email notification for your comment (which was written a few days ago) this morning, how odd is that?!

    I adore the majority of vintage Pyrex pieces, especially the turquoise and pink ones. How lovely that your grandma used to have some of the Dutch print ones.

    Thank you ever so much for all of your lovely comments, honey - I hope that you're having a splendid weekend!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. where can i find a flower like the turquoise one in the 2 womens hair...i need one to put it on my quince dress please tell me...one can contact me at reborn_dream93@yahoo.com

  14. Thought I'd share: http://www.pantone.com/pages/MYP_mypantone/mypInfo.aspx?ca=75&pg=20706

    Viva la vintage revolucion, baby.