June 19, 2009

Issues with the (old) feed for Chronically Vintage (please read)

While I’m absolutely thrilled that Chronically Vintage now has its own independent domain (url) name, I’m afraid that what I had initially said in my post on the topic on Thursday, isn’t 100% accurate. Due to a known Blogger bug, existing subscribers of this blog’s feed (what I mean is by “existing subscribers” is those people who had subscribed when the url here was a Blogspot one) have ceased to receive the feeds of those articles that have been published since Chronically Vintage switched from a Blogger url to its own independent domain name (www.chronicallyvintage.com).

{It definitely looks like Blogger has got its wires crossed when it comes to providing ongoing feed support for those who port their Blogger blogs to their own domain names. Beautiful photo via Ekler’s Flickr stream.}

Though both my husband (the tech expert at our casa) and I are rushing around the web looking for a fix to this feed issue, I have the sinking feeling that it will take Blogger’s intervention via a universal fix to remedy this problem.

As such – and I truly apologize for even asking this – if you were an existing feed subscriber, I would be so grateful if you could please subscribe again to this site’s feed. When you do so you will receive a backlog of old feeds in your reader (so apparently it has no problem doing that, oddly enough) and will of course receive all of the feeds for new posts as they appear.

As well, even if it’s not my fault, I feel like I should apologize to those who are clicking through on the old domain and being meet with a message that informs you that the url has changed and in turn asks if you want to be redirected. This too is a Blogger bug, which I’ve found an article from just two days ago about here.

The good news though is that switching from a Blogger domain name to my own URL has not affected any of the content on this site, so you can visit or revisit older posts any time.

Again, I’m sincerely sorry about this problem. I believed in good faith that (logically!) Blogger would carry on providing my subscribers with the same feed as it always has because I’m still using Blogger platform. It’s a shame this isn’t the case though. If you have any questions about this matter, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section or you can contact me via the email address in the side bar.

Thank you so much everyone for your understanding and for re-subscribing to this site’s feed. I appreciate it greatly!

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