June 15, 2009

On the Cusp of Summer {Monday Muses, June 15th}

It rains one moment and exudes glistening sunshine the next, teetering between seasons June can be one of those months where it’s always wise to dress in light layers and carry an umbrella – at least in some parts of the world.

Here in Toronto we’ve had a mixed bag of weather so far this month. Some days have been stunners, others stormy, wet messes. Nature has embraced the idea of summer, but is still a tad hesitant to part with spring. Warm mornings and cool nights, or perhaps the exact opposite can pop up as easily as perfectly balmy days.

Jeans and shorts are both kept at the ready, sandals and gumboots sit side-by-side in the entryway. It’s more summer than spring, but far from the stifling heat of August that leaves you languid and in dire need of a constant stream of cold drinks.

The middle of June smells like fuchsia roses, Hawaiian Tropic, campfires, garden soil, and dusty rain. It’s like a child about to hit adolescence, certain of its impending growth but still tied to the comforts of its innocent past. Mid-June is a time to string badminton nets, sit outside until midnight hoping to glimpse falling stars, and gather (or at least admire) as many of the lingering lilacs of May as you possibly can.

There is so much warm beauty to this rich time of the year, when daisies begin appearing and everything suddenly seems a hundred times tastier when consumed between gulps of fresh air. Pivoting between seasons, this brief window of toasty, but not scalding, heat is a treat to behold and experience. This week my Muse is the cusp of summer, that magical time right before school lets up for the year and the dog-days of July come roaring in.

The following photos – and mosaic of pictures – all fill my soul with an instant fondness for this lovely, tranquil moment of the year, while providing wonderful ideas regarding what sorts of vintage looks to don for the arrival of summer. I hope that you too will enjoy the delightfully pretty, playfully fun time that mid-June brings with it (or at least the romanticized notion of such).

{This incredibly charming photo hails from a blog that I just discovered this month called wildflowers::pretty. I love the gentle beauty that flows through its creator’s photos and posts.}

{Johanna Öst looking superbly pretty in her new navy blue and white, button adorned swimsuit. Something about the fuller cut makes me think of the cooler water temps one generally encounters in June.}

{Anja of Clever Nettle looking about as sweet-faced and adorably set for early summer as one possibly can be.}

{This photo from Esme and the lane way does such a strikingly excellent job of conveying the sort of fading sunlight glory that summer ushers in.}

1. Vintage Style Outfit in Living colour, 2. Summer 1950, 3. laundry day!, 4. 081258 01 00A, 5. Cherry nosegay vintage button necklace, 6. Casual 50's look, 7. The California Barbecue, 8. It's not so easy as it maybe seems to take a picture at this angle, 9. Happy Birthday Mutti!, 10. 50's fashion , 11. A Patio Somewhere in Suburbia, 12. 8/6/08, 13. May 25 1957 {Vintage June joys of all sorts abound in these photos! Click on a link to see a larger version of a particular image and/or for photographer information}

Do you love the sweet tenderness that June can still posses or do you favour the passionate heat that comes later on in the summer? Does June inspire you or leave you wishing it was time to shovel snow from the driveway again?


  1. Lovely photos. June has brought us rain, heat, sun and all the promise of summer. My favorite season is the one I'm in and my favorite day is Today -smile-.
    'Give me my flowers while I live...'

  2. I'll never get tired of seeing Johanna's perfectly vintage little outfits & photos! It definitely feels like summer today, although I'm hiding from the heat inside!

  3. You're an amazing writer, Jessica!

  4. Beautifuly written piece dear Jessica! Lovely photo's too.xx

  5. Lovely thoughts! We'll still wait in suspense for summer to finally kick in.

  6. Great photos. Here it's been hot, but also we've gotten lots of rain.

  7. beautiful words and photos to match, jessica. so funny to read this post as I was thinking this is the chilliest june i can remember. But to be honest, I love it. I prefer mild temps or colder temps. I'm not a fan of the hot weather. I like fall and winter clothes and snuggling up around a fire. I know this sounds funny, but I hate sweating, lol. I'd always rather be cold than hot, you know? Okay, I'm blabbering now...

  8. Breathtaking post, so inspiring. Every time I see that picture of Johanna I get so inspired to lay out in my backyard, if only I had such a darling hat and set of glasses. I always love your posts they are all so well written and always full of gorgeous photos.

    I hope you have a wonderful week hun! ♥

  9. @ Thistle Cove Farm, what a wonderful quote, I really like that. It's so true. Living in the moment is fine art, but it's one I'm trying hard to get better at.

    @ Anja, neither do I! She was one of my first online vintage Muses, and I think that she never ceases to look amazing in whatever she wears.

    @ Anonymous, thank you deeply for the beautiful comment.

    @ Moonspinner, thank you so much, sweet soul!

    @ Sher, I hear you there! Yesterday was pretty toasty actually, but today its grey as stainless steel and pouring buckets of rain.

    @ Keith, that sounds a lot like how June's been behaving up here in Toronto, too.

    @ Darla, thank you very much, honey, for your lovely comment. I agree with your sentiments, but I'd need a backyard to add to the mix too (apartment dweller that I am). Thank you again!

    Many thanks to you each for your terrific comments. I really appreciate them all, and hope that everyone is having a gorgeous Wednesday.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. @MissRedlips, (sorry sweetums, for some reason the Notepad doc I transfered my comment message from lost my reply to you. Odd!) I love summer for many reasons, but if I had to choose between scorching or freezing, I'd take the later too.

    That doesn't sound strange and you're not alone at all, I certainly don't enjoy perspiring either! (Hmmmm, so that's why I never became an Olympic athlete :D) Sometimes I wish it was possible to jump between seasons, instead of having to wait for each one to arrival. That way you could sunbath one day and build a snowman the next, all the while wearing whatever you wanted because you were in control of the season. It's silly I know, but still fun to imagine.

    Thank you very much for your comment, hon, I always adore chatting with you!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica