June 20, 2009

Pretty Link Roundup {June 20th}

As if striving to drive home the very topic I was waxing poetically about on Monday, the weather this week has hopped like a frog in a lily-pad pond between rainy/drab and hot/bright-as-a-new-penny. Yesterday night was magical though. The sort of perfect, not-quite-dark-yet evening that you wish you sit in a comfy deck chair and soak into the very pores of your soul for the rest of time. I had to pop out to the post office and grocery store, and was so glad to have errands to run, as waiting for buses gave me a chance to relish the beauty of a (temperature-wise) perfect mid-June evening.

{Whenever I look at elegant 1946 Life photo on myvintagevogue’s Flickr stream, I’m struck by how intensely, serenely relaxing the fading sunlight looks as it ripples across that little pool. This same feeling washed over me at dusk on Friday in the perfectly 22° air.}

On the blog front things have been busy as a hive of bees here this week! Chronically Vintage now has its own domain name (but will remain on the Blogger platform). You can read more about how my husband surprised me with a url as a gift here, and for details on ensuring you’re able to continue receiving the feed for CV, please take a moment to read this post.

From around the blogsphere I’ve lassoed up a fun array of links that span everything from packing for a holiday to a peak inside a vintage Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalogue – ooohhh la-la! :) Make-up tutorial fans take note, this week’s clip comes via a talented UK make-up artist who does a thoroughly good job of showing you how to achieve the sultry, heavily lined eye look that Sophia Loreen often sported early on in her famous career. I hope you all enjoy these links - don't hesitate to share your own terrific finds in the comment section.

* Dustbowl Dames: Darla takes an insightful look at how fashion evolved out of the flapper-era and into what it became during the Depression ridden world of the 1930s.

* The Lucy Fashion Chronicles: If you’re a fan of TV’s most entertaining redhead, be sure to swing by MissRedLip’s fab blog for the first installment of an ongoing series devoted to Lucille Ball.

* How to Thrift with Success: A Typical Atypical offers up four handy tips when it comes to getting the most out of your thrift store shopping experience.

* Rose McGowan by Ellen Von Unwerth: Modern day Hollywood starlet Rose McGowan dons some intensely gorgeous vintage looks as she posses for photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, as highlighted on Blond and Red’s lovely blog.

* Holidays ahoy, how to pack only the best and not the rest: Mademoiselle Robot lays out her best tips on how to efficiently pack for just about any trip. A perfect read if you’re planning a summer getaway!

* Vintage Mommy and Me Dresses: Growing up did you ever have a miniature version of one of your mother’s dresses or outfits? I can’t say as though I did, but I do recall a charming set of three floral print aprons my mom sewed for herself, my sister and me. If you’re a fan of matching outfit for moms and daughters, pop by Couture Allure for a selection of vintage ads featuring just this kind of look.

* The Collins Girls Annual 1958: Though largely out of fashion these days, for decades upon decades “annuals” were a common element the magazine and publishing world. In this post on I Luv Retro, readers are treated several absolutely charming pages from a copy of the 1958 Collins Girl annual.

* 1964 Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalog: With a cover page that confidently proclaimed “Get that marry a millionaire look!” you know that whatever follows in this vintage 1964 catalog is sure to be fantastic! Check out six pages of old school FoH style via this post on Found in Mom’s Basement.

* Wardrobe Staple: Beach Coat: Not the biggest fan of caftans or muumuus, but looking for something more stylish than oversized t-shirt to wear as a beach or poolside cover-up? If so Curve Hugger may just have the vintage answer for you, a beach coat! For lots of info, images of sewing patterns, and pretty photos surrounding this once commonplace item of clothing, be sure to check out this cool post.

Revered even to this day for her seductive, exotic Mediterranean features and sophisticated style, Sophia Loren’s face is as timeless as the Italian culture she hails from. If you’re looking to recreate her sexy, alluring look, be sure to watch this week’s video clip from Youtuber pixiwoo.

{Sophia Loren inspired make-up tutorial}

What’s mother nature up to in your neck of the woods? As June tumbles onward, I’m predicting less rain and the advent of far more humidity than I care to even think about (Amazon rain forest eat your lush, verdant heart out, Toronto has you beat no questions asked when it comes to humidity :D). Before the “melt like the Wicked Witch” days kick in though, I’ve got my red nail polish tipped fingers firmly crossed that we’ll have many, many more evenings that were as gorgeous and serene as last night was.

Wishing you each the best and prettiest of weekends!


  1. i love that picture! it makes me so excited for summer (and so bummed that i missed out on buying a beautiful vintage inspired purple one piece at urban last week).

  2. Overcast and some rain, but the picnics go on....If anything, that means it's summer :)

    Love that photo above cute sailor suit.

  3. Thanks for the fabulous links, been clicking for an hour. Rose McGown looks smashingly vintage in the photos by Von Unwerth. Lovely! Happy weekend-

  4. weird. I randomyl came across your blog after clicking through about 13 others and my BFF has commented right above me. THIS WEIRDS ME OUT.

    There is so much good happening here I can't even process it!

  5. I loved your post on things that you always or never wear. The 'teacher' dress is the classic homeschool mom stereotype that we always laugh about! Thankfully my mom has never worn them ;) Hopefully one at a time fashion conscious homeschoolers can prove the world wrong!


  6. @ Jasmine, thank you! I really love that photo too, it's so full of grace and elegance. The models aren't trying to be provocatively sexy (as is often seen in modern day bathing suit ads), and yet I really don't think they could get any more sensual. I'm sorry that you missed out on picking up an awesome vintage inspired one piece. That's rough! Is it available on Urban's website or eBay perhaps?

    @ Sher, absolutely! Picnics must always forge onwards no matter how much precipitation the universe wants to dole out! :)

    @ Marie Lemondrop, my pleasure! Thank you in turn for your lovely comment. I think Rose is a gorgeous actress, but was especially impressed with how fantastic she looked in vintage styles.

    @ theyearoflivingthriftly, that is too wild! Don't you just love random happenings like that? Thank you for your comment, I hope that you'll visit again and take in more of the vintage goodness that's up for grabs here :)

    @ Cait, thank you very much, sweetie! Indeed, it is definitely a home school teacher/mom look too, good call! (Lots of love and hugs to you as well, my friend, thank you for all of your wonderful comments!)

    Many thanks to you each for your lovely comments! I hope that you had an awesome weekend!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I'm a new reader, and I'm absolutely in love with your blog!^^

  8. @ Tiana, What a beautiful thing to read, thank you deeply, my dear!

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica