June 1, 2009

Monday Muses {June 1st}

One of the greatest gifts my mother bestowed on me was a adoration of, and appreciation for, the art of cooking. Some of my very earliest and most treasured childhood memories are of helping her whip together everything from Sunday roast suppers to Christmas cookies, canned peaches to chicken soup. I was enthralled by the process of taking raw ingredients, weaving a spell of culinary magic and turning them into a scrumptious finished dish. Whether it was peeling apples, turning the handle of the nut grinder or being her official Thanksgiving turkey stuffing sniffer (“a little more sage, mommy”), I was her sous chef and I credit my unwavering passion for cooking to her.

She taught with patience, love and joy; she let me develop my own recipes and never hindered my creativity in the kitchen. This week while my parents are in town, I have the wonderful honour of cooking for my mom and step-dad, putting to good use everything my mom taught me, as well as the culinary knowledge I’ve picked up over the years through my own daily cooking, cookbooks and world travels.

Without a doubt my Muse this week is my mother, followed closely by the Muses of cooking and the humble, wonderful family kitchen.

{The many things I learned in my mother's kitchen}

1. Idealized Parenthood, 2. Aprons for mother and daughter, 3. junior cook book, 4. Tupperware Party invitation, 5. What Mrs. Dewey Did With the NEW JELL-O! 1933, 6. Vintage mini mixer salt & pepper set, 7. Pie heaven, 8. Oh, Joy, Joy., 9. Updating the Pyrex (& more) Shelf, 10. Image from Cake Secrets, Copyright 1941, 11. Helping Mother - 1959, 12. Salad, 13. king midas cover {Click on a link to see a larger version of a particular image and/or for photographer information}

Thank you deeply, mom, for being my culinary Muse and teaching me the time-honoured craft of cooking with love.


  1. thats a lovely tribute! ive yet to learn this art and im sure i am inspired to look a little more into finding my inner chef!

  2. Oh that is really so sweet to have such lovely memories! Beautiful post. xx

  3. @ Elena-lu, thank you very much, darling. You're so wonderfully creative, I'd be willing to bet you have a very gifted inner chef inside just waiting to burst out and spread your merry touch to the culinary world! :)

    @ Moonspinner, you're such a sweet soul, thank you very much. My childhood was far from idyllic, but there are elements and memories of my early days such as the time spent learning to cook with my mother that I will forever hold dear to my heart.

    Thank you again, precious ladies, I always love hearing from you both!
    ♥ Jessica