June 14, 2009

Pretty Link Roundup {June 14th}

This post began its life on Saturday, but I must confess to falling asleep quite literally with my laptop alongside me on the sofa yesterday evening. While I cannot call the day immensely exhausting from a physical standpoint, I think I was worried into slumber over money and the fact that earlier in the day darling husband and I had returned from the bank whereat we paid our income taxes in full (it’s the first time either of us has had to pay, and boy howdy, was it a hefty chunk of change to dole out in one go!).

I perked the evening up by making my (very North American-ized) version of chicken and mixed vegetable yaki udon (with perhaps what might be called a slight French hit thanks to a little pat of butter I used to enrich and thicken the sauce, of which I prefer their to be copious amounts), that hit the spot wonderfully, but I think helped lull me to dreamland as well. I awoke this morning perhaps no less consumed by thoughts of finances (story of my life for...well, ever! ;D), but ready to continue hopping to and fro among some of my favourite blogs, looking for all sorts of vintage goodness to share with you.

Immersed in an online universe centred around the bygone days of earlier times it’s tremendously hard not to shake off at least some of one’s worldly woes for a little while. Escaping to – or perhaps more aptly, peeping in on – the past is great joy of mine and a huge part of what drives my love of vintage. No matter how dreary, rough, fantastic, ordinary, strange, or “taxing” the day is, I know that the pursuit of vintage images, fashion, music, films, decor and the like will always transport my heart and soul to a relaxing place that is full of mystique, allure and beauty.

{Was life truly any less carefree in the 40s or 50s? Who’s to say for sure? One thing is certain though, the majority of magazine photo spreads – such as this jolly balloon filled beach scene – would have you believe that it was. Image via Party Perfect’s Flickr stream.}

And on that note may I present to you this week’s roundup of diverse vintage links, spanning everything from Wizard of Oz inspired red heels to movie ads from the thirties. I really hope you enjoy them!

* Quick Vintage Up-Do: Every hair style I’ve ever seen Atomic Mama sport looks nothing short of fabulous, and in this post her speedy vintage do is absolutely no exception. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for an awesome vintage style in mere moments.

* In Praise of (Vintage) Shorts: With summer’s heat bearing down on us it’s time to shake off long pants and don some shorts. In this article Lizzie of the Vintage Traveler takes a journey through the subject of vintage shorts, complete with a lot of history and lovely images featuring these pint sized trousers.

* Bathing Beauties (Volume 2): Betsy eye for beauty, timeless style and immensely wearable pieces is a joy to behold each week in her blog posts, such as this terrific piece full of summer bathing suits that tickle her fashion fancy.

* A Return to Vintage: Some Like It Vintage observes the excellent point that in times of financial troubles and/or world crisis, a return to the art of good tailoring, investment pieces, and timelessness over quick flash-in-the-pan styles often appears on the fashion scene.

* It’s all about the Betty’s: The mid-twentieth century is peppered with marvelous stars who had more than just lovely bodies and faces in common, some of them also shared a common moniker: Betty, as highlighted in this lovely post by Darla.

* Come Fly With Me: The first time I flew on a plane I was 14, I was not entranced by the world of sky travel as a child, and I have a small pocketful of less-than-glamorous airline stories, and yet there is something so immensely appealing to me about the styles and aura that surround vintage airlines hostesses and the yesteryear world of aviation. As such I just about squealed with delight when I saw this image packed post on the subject vintage air travel from Moonspinner of Dust Jacket Attic.

* 30s Film Ads: Images of quirky, charming, and absolutely delightful black and white movie advertisements from the 1930s are on the bill in this cinema themed post.

* Hosiery Fashion Timelines: The older I get (ok, at a month shy of 25 I don’t think I’m quite out to pasture yet, but nevertheless...) the more I find myself in love with hosiery. Giddy about denier and pattern, hue and material, tights and stockings alike, it’s always a pleasure to encounter an article on the subject of this wardrobe staple, such as this lovely one from Glamour Daze.

* There’s no place like home: Arrive wearing a pair of sparkly, glitter encrusted red shoes and chances are people anywhere will instantly think of the footwear Dorthy wandered around Oz in. This fun post gathers a slew of glistening crimson heels together into one spot, making it even easier to agree “there’s no place like a shoe store!” :D

* Wardrobe Staple: Shirtdress: Teaming with photos and interesting facts (plus styling tips), this post does a wonderful job of highlighting and displaying the subtle, ageless beauty that emanates from the humble shirtdress in all its past and present iterations. (And for more on the subject of these practical yet deeply pretty frocks, be sure to see Miss Ruby La Mour’s post on the same topic.)

This week the video in the limelight comes care of LadyMakeup1, and features a handy-dandy tutorial on how to emulate the make-up style that Lucile Ball sported throughout the I Love Lucy series. So fun and adorable!

{I Love Lucy Makeup}

When you jump into the online cosmos of all things vintage, how does it make you feel? I hope that as I do, you find tranquility, enjoyment and inspiration as the days of the past do their best to make the present world better, brighter and more joyful for those of us who admire them so dearly.


  1. Oh cheers for including the Attic, will be checking the others out for sure! xx

  2. Another awesome list, loved seeing that make up tutorial!

  3. I'll definitely have to check those out. Hope you had a great weekend.

  4. Great post! Thank you for including mine! Love the aviation images at Come Fly with Me.

    Hope you are well jessica xoxo :-)

  5. The cabin crew pictures were fantastic!(my father is a pilot)
    Thank you! My trip was lovely, but it's nice to be in my own bed again.
    I hope you will be able to get past the anxiety of finances! At the same time it must be nice to be done with it for awhile though.

    with love,

  6. oh that i love lucy makeup one is so cool! haha i love lucy big time!

  7. @ Moonspinner, the joy is all mine, sweetie! I am absolutely wild about your inspiration filled blog; thank you for the awesome posts you fill it with!

    @ Maggi, thank you, hon! So glad you enjoyed the Lucy look. The moment I saw that video I knew I had to feature it here.

    @ Keith, thank you, I had a pretty good weekend, aside from certain elements of Saturday (namely paying taxes, that has a way of dampening one's spirits a tad). I hope yours was great too!

    @ Some Like it Vintage, thank you very much, my dear. You're super welcome for the inclusion. I really hope you're well too!

    @ in company with sparkles, I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip. Indeed, it can be nice though to return to the comfort and sanctuary of your own pillow :) Thank you for your caring words. We all stress over money sometimes, I think, but at the end of the day the important thing to remember that it makes more sense to count your blessings than the numbers in your bank account. Looking at things this way helped perk the weekend's mood back up for me.

    @ Elena-lu, I agree, it's really cool! Because I have red hair someone recently suggested I go as Lucy for Halloween one year, which I'd never actually considered before. If I ever do, I'll definitely be using this video for make-up tips! :)

    Thank you each very much for your lovely comments! I always adore hearing from/chatting with you all!

    Have a marvelous week, everyone!
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Oh, gush! Thanks for linking to my post! I'm really flattered! :)

    Sorry it took me a few days to see... I was a little behind in Google Reader. ;)

  9. Hi Diana, you're super welcome, sweetie! I absolutely adore your wonderful blog.

    Have a marvelous Wednesday,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Hello Jessica!
    Thank you so much for posting my video, I am very happy to be part of such amazing blog, thank you so much, you are so sweet!!!
    xoxo ♥


  11. Hi LadyMakeUp1, thank you sweetly for your lovely comment! It's awesome to hear from you. I'm a true fan of your wonderful videos and am so touched that you found my blog and commented here.

    Thank you again & have a terrific evening, my dear!
    ♥ Jessica