June 29, 2009

Perfect summer sunlight {Monday Muses, June 29th}

Even a thunder storm on Wednesday couldn’t seem to shake off the wild heat that came pouncing into Toronto last week, which must certainly mean that any lingering specks of spring are now a distant memory.

Brutal as the famous Ontario humidity here can be at times, I don’t detest summer in the least; it’s a season that conjures up countless childhood memories of my youth spent on the opposite, west coast side of the country. From the ludicrously sweet, juicy peaches we picked by the bucket for free from neighbours to running barefoot across the griddle-hot beach all August long, I hold summer dear because of what it meant to me as a child.

Looking back I see many of these memories in my mind’s eye with a tinge of hazy, soothing, maize hued sunlight. The sort of atmospheric aura that instantly made everything a little prettier and lulled your mind into a continual sense of daydreaming where the present could just as easily be a glimpse of the past.

A slew of photos that capture this sense of hot, enchanted, vintage inspired light have caught my eye lately, and as such I’ve decided that each of the seven beautiful images below are my Monday Muses for the week.

♥ ♥ ♥

{Care of Violet Folklore}

{From the pages of Kisses and Cross Stitches}

{Sourced from Daydream Lily}

{Unearthed from the pages of absinthe & betty Smith}

{First viewed and loved on Dustjacket Attic}

{Discovered via Raspberryroses on Flickr}

{Smiled upon and borrowed from rose-coloured-rain}

While the heat can be stifling at times – there’s no denying that – it is also passionate and serene, gentle and soft like an aged, favourite blanket plucked from the dryer and wrapped snugly around you. I don’t glamorize every element of summer – not by a long shot – but there is something about popcorn coloured sunlight on a gorgeous summer day that never loses its endearing appeal.


  1. What beautiful images, Jessica! Especially the cupcake - left me drooling...! (You know how I love my food!)
    Have a Lola~lovely Tuesday!
    LOL LOLA:)
    PS Nora apologizes for accidentally deleting your lovely comment about MOI!!

  2. What a lovely idea, Monday Muses .... just loved the 1st one, she's so so sweet (& of course 5).xx take care sweetie.

  3. What beautiful images! Have a great day!

  4. Love those photos. Very beautiful. I love the summer. The heat usually doesn't bother me as much as it does some people around here.

  5. These photos are beautiful! They definitely remind me of summer and enchanting is a good word to use for these :)

  6. @ Nora, Ciao sweet dears, thank you for your lovely comment. Please pop by for cupcakes and dog biscuits anytime :)

    @ Dustjacket attic, thank you for the gorgeous photo (#5) I swooned over while visiting your blog. Your posts are such sources of visually incredible inspiration to me, sweet friend, each one is like a muse unto itself.

    @ Maggi, thank you, honey! I hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing week!

    @ Keith, you're not alone, though I sometimes get a tad poetic about the weather, I don't mind summer in general either. I grew up in one of the warmest spots in Canada (in B.C.) and so became accustomed to 100+ degree summers. The downfall to Ontario summers on the other hand though, is that they are massively humid, so that can get a wee bit taxing on the body and soul after a while.

    @ LandGirl, thank you! So are your awesome posts!

    @ Elena, so do I! A parasol (especially a vintage/vintage inspired one) is one of those items that is on my perpetual wish list.

    @ Trains and Sewing Machines, thank very much, sweetie. Don't you love enchanting sources of inspiration?

    Oodles of thanks to you each for your wonderful comments! I appreciate them all very much and always adore hearing from you, my vintage loving friends!

    ♥ Jessica