October 31, 2011

Let's do the mash, the monster mash!

Day 304 of Vintage 365


It's finally here, sweet boos and ghouls, Halloween has arrived and I'm buzzing with more excitement than if I'd eaten a whole pillow case full of candy!

We've had a marvelous past two weeks counting down to this day with vintage Halloween themed posts, and I want to wrap our spooktacular celebration up with one more entry all about a fabulously fun song that's long been a favourite of mine.

There are a number of iconic Halloween songs, from hair-raising classics like Thriller to catchy novelty tunes like Purple People Eater from the 50s, but amongst them all I really do believe that Bobby "Boris" Picket's 1962's Monster Mash (be sure to watch the music video below of this timelessly enjoyable song) is my very favourite. It's completely silly, wonderfully upbeat, and awesomely suited to All Hallows Eve.


I remember getting into the car after school when I was six or seven years old, the sparkle of end-of-October sunlight dancing off the slightly dusty car window, as this song came on, with its sound of heavy metal chains rattling, it instantly upped my excitement level for the impending evening about a million percent.

Chances are that wasn't the first time I'd heard Monster Mash, but it's the first I clearly recall and to this day, there's still no other tune that so easily light up my eyes with anticipation over the events of this most exciting, playfully frightening, and marvellously fun of days!

Whether it's donning a costume, carving pumpkins, throwing a party, trick-or-treating with your kids, or curling up with a scary movie, I hope that you all all have an incredibly great Halloween today that's - as my favourite October 31st song says - a real graveyard smash! Smile


  1. That's an awesome video. I happen to love that song - can'tremember the first time I heard it, but it is definitely a Halloween favorite! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Classic! Happy Halloween to you, Miss Halloween Lady! x