October 16, 2011

Orange you happy it's October 16th?

Day 289 of Vintage 365


Associated most closely with autumn - thanks to wonderful seasonal elements like pumpkins, crunchy leaves, and as one of the stripes in tricolored candy corn - orange is a a hue that actually works well the whole year through.

In the colder months its intensity often deepens, veering into the territory of rust and copper, come spring it lightens up again in the form of pastel peaches and pale new blossoms, in summer it is bold and exciting, coming to us in tangerine shades, basketballs, and tropical drinks.

A strong, cheerful, fiery colour, orange is tied to everything from happiness to creativity, sunshine to soda pop. Though I tend to wear orange on either the very pale or deeply dark side of the spectrum, it's a colour that's long woven its way into my life.

This is not only due to my love of autumn and Halloween, but because growing up orange was my little sister's favourite hue. I love fact that she sought out such a vibrant, joyful colour as a child. Orange fit her effervescent, sweet, cheerful personality well.

Today is a very special day for me because it's my sister Katie's birthday, so in celebration of this delightful fact - and given how naturally this hue lends itself to October - todays' post is a diverse roundup of a wonderful vintage images featuring this splendidly chipper hue.

{Image sources: 1. Orange Cake Mix and Autumn Days , 2. Woman holding Oranges in her Skirt, 1950s, 3. Orange, 4. birthday clock, 5. 1926 Beauty Cosmetics Advertisement, 6. Lifesavers - Orange - 1940s, 7. You'll Wish You Could Wear Them..., 8. Advance 4139 1946 orange, 9. Poppy 1922 Jazz Age Botanical Lithograph, 10. 1950s orange angora sweater, 11. Vintage Car, 12. 1930 General Dual-Balloon Tires, 13. Orange Apron}

I hope that these apricot, carrot and squash hued images have brought a hearty dose of cheer your way. They certainly did for me this morning, reminding me of the many cute little orange items I used to search the shops for to give my sister on her birthday and Christmas when we were children.

Though when I stop to think about it now, I'm not sure if Katie still favours orange above all other hues, nevertheless I love that she once held this vivacious colour in such high regard and that for all of time, when I see something beautiful and orange, I will be reminded of her.


  1. Love the picture collage Jessica! Such cute images, and I love orange year round too :-)


  2. Orange is a big accent color in my home. I love the pops of this bright and happy but sophisticated color!

  3. This is just lovely! Thanks for compiling and sharing these images and your observations on orange.

    I have to confess that I have NO orange in my wardrobe - I think it's a lovely colour but somehow I've just never found something I like/fits me/otherwise suits me in the colour. I don't think it generally suits my skin tone but looking at your pictures makes me sad I don't have any!

  4. i love orange! it's so joyful and vibrant! thanks for the pretty collage!
    miss marie-could you wear coral? it's a bit pinker, but still has the zip! :)
    xo, k