October 18, 2011

A charmingly fun trio of vintage image adorned votive holders

Day 291 of Vintage 365


This, no doubt, makes me the odd (wo)man out, but I like - at least for a good portion of the colder months - the fact that the sun sets earlier and rises later.

The dark of evening and I long acquainted friends (as you may recall from my Summer nights, how I love thee post this past August), and I rather enjoy the fact that by the time my supper is on the table, the view outside has turned pitch black.

There’s something wonderfully lovely about a dark world set against the warmth one creates in their home with cozy sweaters, steaming hot bowls of hearty soup, roaring fireplaces (if, in this day and age, you should be so lucky as to have one), and thick knit blankets. This cocoon of comfort is a beautiful, nearly intrinsic feeling that soothes and inspires, mellows and yet equally uplifts the soul.

I rarely burn candles indoors during the summer months, but as the mercury begins to take a nose dive - perhaps channelling a glowing jack-o-lantern vibe - I find myself drawn once more to the rich amber light that candles cast against the murky jet hues of evening.

Having a very curious cat frolicking about the apartment, it's mandatory that I keep my candles protected to as much of an extent as they can be, to help prevent an eager tail or curious paw knocking over, say, a tall, slender tapper.

Instead, these days, I usually opt for squat pillars and smaller votive and tea lights that can be housed safely in holder and cups, such as the whimsically charming set of Modern Vintage Candle Holders below.


Though modern in the sense of being recently manufactured, this eye-catching three piece votive holder set (which retails for $9.00 from Plasticland) sports a delightful trio of vintage images of - playfully - items that cast light themselves (an Edison light bulb, gas lantern, and decorative electric lamp).

The simple, yet chic, nature of these vintage illustrations lends itself splendidly to many types of decor - even that of Halloween display or dinner party table.

As the days grow ever shorter, I could definitely see myself (as Ms. Kitty watches on in inquisitive amusement) using these charmingly fun votive holders all through the dark and stormy nights of fall and winter.

In turn adding a generous dose more of that aforementioned tranquil warmth to the indoor world via the timeless beauty of flickering candlelight.

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  1. I also love the winter and the warmth and coziness of open fires, warm woolen blankets, feather doonas and hand crocheted throws. But I also love winter clothing. I live in an area where there is very little variation in temperature between summer and winter, which to most people is perfectly ideal, but I have lived in areas where it is quite cold in winter and I was able to wear beautiful floor length coats, long boots, gloves, hats and scarves all of which I really loved, but here, none of these items are needed at all, although on some of the cooler winter days, I do wear a hat and scarf.
    Enjoy your candle holders Jessica and you warm and cozy home during the winter.