October 23, 2011

Can you guess what decade this autumn hued home is from?

Day 296 of Vintage 365

{Image via my Vintage Home Decor Pinterest board; originally sourced from American Vintage Home on Flickr.}


It sports a palette of earthy, autumnal hues in shades of woodsy brown, rusty orange, concrete grey, and faded buttercup. Has plenty of blond wood, an unfussy sofa, and includes a bold square pattern fabric in the form of curtains and upholstered chairs. All of these elements working together to channel a sense of the late 1960s

The mood, helped no doubt by the large living room lamp with its eye-catching tangerine hued shade, is warm and mellow - you can almost envision a fondue pot or raclette being carried to the relatively small dining room table any moment now. Surely this room, you're naturally thinking, must be from the 70s.

It's not however, nor is it from the sixties. Though the hues, clean lines and mid-century furniture might have you thinking you're ready for anything from Woodstock to Studio 54, yet fans decades prior to those will be delighted to know that, in fact, this unique (for the period) home hails from 1953.

Indeed, many years before a palette that seemed to partially have its dial tuned to fall time took home decor by storm, this house - complete with dark orange ceilings and kitschy little knickknack shelves in the dining room - foresaw the colour trend that was coming (and which would last for a good part of two decades).

Yet, as one looks really closely, you can sense somehow that it's not a house from the 60s or 70s. There's something, a subtle vibe that's redolent of an earlier era, that lets viewers know they're dealing with the 1950s.

It's little touches like the hanging copper lamp, thick (indoor!) wood shutters, and built-in bookcases that speak of the fifties and the remains of more classic American style that still lingered during the decade.

Though I'm much more of a fan of the pastel and candy hues of the fifties (pink, aqua, mint green, and soft lemon, for example), I found myself instantly and completely drawn to this distinct home. Given how wonderfully suited its colours are to fall and certainly Halloween, too, and that we're knee-deep in October, I tend to think that the time of the year is why such is the case.

Or perhaps, I simply enjoyed the fact that such an unexpected marriage of hues popped up in a house well before the wild days of the 1960s and 70s had even come close to starting.

After all, once a 1950s home decor lover, always a 1950s home decor lover! Smile


  1. I was definitely thinking mid-to-late 60's on this, as it totally reminds me of my maternal grandparents formal living room and diningroom. That's not to say, though, that the furniture I remember from the 60's isn't the same furniture they had in the 50's.

    They threw in a couple of aqua pillows as well and an aqua upholstered chair, but most everything else is quite similar to what they had.

    Happy Sunday to you!!

  2. It's the 70's.......yikes, it's still ugly!

    Our house was avacado green on the outside and burnt orange, brown and green on the inside!


  3. Yeeeeeah! I guessed 60s!

    Awesome post, Jessica; I'm loving interior design right now xx

  4. Okay, I should have paid more attention to the sofa.....that's definitely 50's. Thanks for sharing the past.


  5. I LOVE this house and everything in it! That couch is fabulous!!!! I have a light green one, but I like the one pictured better. I would have guessed early 60's, but 50's makes sense too. Gorgeous.......