October 21, 2011

I adore the Vintage Halloween Flickr group

Day 294 of Vintage 365


As those who follow this blog with any regularity have likely picked up on already, I'm a huge fan of both Flickr itself as a whole, and Flickr groups (which, by the by, there is a maximum limit of 5,000 that any one Flickr user can belong to at once - don't ask how I know that fact from personal experience).

There's a Flickr group for darn near anything under the sun, and if there's not (and you're a Flickr member), you can always start one yourself (as I did earlier this year with my Vintage Canada group).

Given the large number of folks, like myself and many of you reading this right now, who love all things vintage and Halloween related, it's no surprise then that a well established Flickr group already exists devoted to this winning combination.

{Images via: 1. 1920's Halloween, 2. "Be Good to Your Goblins!", 3. Ann Ruth Halloween, 4. Kitty Halloween, 5. Golden Halloween, 6. 1950's Charles Dye Halloween Calendar Top, 7. Bag of Goodies for Spooks, 8. 1920's Halloween, 9. Don't choke on the pipe, 10. 1940's Halloween Pin-up, 11. Halloween mobile, 12. 1920's Halloween Costumes, 13. Nan Grey}


The Vintage Halloween Flickr group is a treasure trove of thoroughly delightful, festive, down right interesting images (a handful of which you can see in the mosaic above) that are sure to entertain and fascinate lovers of the past and fans of October 31st alike.

Given that I know so many of you are massive Halloween enthusiasts, too, before the big day (and trick-or-treat filled night!) itself arrived, I wanted to let you all know about this fabulous group, which (witch), naturally, I'm a longstanding member of! Smile

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