October 25, 2011

Are your Halloween decorations up yet?

Day 298 of Vintage 365


Counting today itself, there are are just seven days to go until we land on October 31st. I don't know about you, but that has me giddier than a ghost at a buy one, get one free sale on heavy chains!

Though I opted not to mention it at the time, earlier this month I was very ill for a few days, so as a result it took me a longer than it has most years to decorate my home for Halloween.

Luckily, though I'm still feeling the aftershocks of those rough days, I was gradually able to deck my halls with pumpkins and witches, scarecrows and monsters of all sorts am now completely ready (sans donning my costume and pouring treats into the Halloween pirates treasure chest candy serving container that I use each year) for October 31st.

I love decorating our little apartment for All Hallows Eve - in fact, I love decorating any house or locations (school gym, public library, etc) for this most spooktacular of holidays. So you can image my delight when I recently came across the marvelous forties photo below of a group of lovely ladies adorning a room for Halloween.

{Marvelous vintage photo of a decorating committee getting ready for a Halloween party via dragonflydesignstudio on Flickr.}


The person who posted this great image on Flickr didn't provide any background information for it, and I don't recognize any of the women in it as being famous faces (do you?), so I'd venture to say that this was a group of "every day gals" who were part of a decorating committee (perhaps for a ladies auxiliary or PTA).

I adore that in this vintage photo we not only see an array of causal daytime fashions and hairstyles, but also get to observe some charming Halloween decorations from the era, including illustrated wall hanging and festive garlands.

If you haven't had a chance to decorate your own surroundings, and are planning to this year, for Halloween, I hope that this absolutely wonderful 1940s photo will help give you that extra little push of encouragement you may need to get started, as I certainly did the trick (or treat) for me! Smile


  1. I sold this image along with a large collection of vintage images last year. Its a group of school teachers decorating an elementary school. The image was also used in an episode of Antiques Roadshow FYI, the half hour version of Antiques Roadshow.

  2. We don't decorate for Hallowe'en over here... Mind you, my young man will occasionally peel and carve a watermelon to look like zombie brains! This year, we're having a pirate themed Christmas, so I guess that will tick the dark and spooky box in some ways... x