May 9, 2011

This lovely hula girl shower curtain is sure to brighten your morning


Day 129 of Vintage 365


Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up and feel like you need a hefty dose of colour in your world? Perhaps it's been raining for ages (this being the season for such damp and monotonous weather) or maybe there's just been a lot going in your life and you feel like your energy level has been zapped to smithereens.

Sometimes one craves colour around them to help celebrate a special day or give then an extra boost of confidence (red in particular is said to be good in this regard), or simply because punchy hues can be so fabulously fun!

From the moment my lids snapped open this morning, I've been craving bright, joyful colours (and am sporting a cheery kelly green cardigan as we speak).

The immensely fun hula girl shower curtain below, which I found recently while pursuing the online pages of Perpetual Kid, is exactly the kind of home decor item that would ensure you were never short on colour in the morning ever again.


A little kitsch, very charming, and entirely fun, this 1950s inspired shower curtain packs a wallop of colour, yet - thanks to its citrus meets turquoise palette - stops short of potentially veering into tacky territory.

Made of easy-to-wipe-clean, waterproof vinyl, this Hawaiian tiki vacation worthy bathroom accessory measures in at 70 x 72 inches, retails for $16.99, and would definitely liven up even the most drab of powder rooms - or for that matter, listless of mornings, too! Smile


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. me likey! I would buy it because it makes me laugh a little, and plus it makes me want to visit Hawaii!!! I'm so glad I follow this blog!