May 24, 2011

Such a splendidly pretty 1950s purple polka dot dress


Day 144 of Vintage 365


Sometimes ones spies a dress that is precisely "them" in so many ways. The colour, the tailoring, pattern, embellishments, even the very seams and hems themselves seem to be calling your name, however the dress itself is not your size (or sometimes it is, but once tried on, your beloved frock simply doesn't look right on you, no matter what angle you gaze at it longingly from) or its leagues out of your price range.

As vintage fashionistas, chances are we've all encountered this situation many times. I do on just about a daily basis! There are so many stellar vintage and vintage reproduction dresses out there, but - as we all know - only so many of them are ever going to be destined to wind up in our own personal wardrobes.

Recently while scouting around etsy for something quite entirely unrelated, I came upon this splendidly sweet 1950s purple polka dot dress, and it just about took my breath away.


The styling is youthful, wonderfully classic, and enchantingly feminine. Drop waists, like the one here, can tricky to pull off sometimes, but if you have a taller figurer (and/or abs of steal), this look can be downright bewitching.

This dress however, strikes me as less vixen and more girl-next-door ready for a spring social or day of shopping in the big city.

Its short sleeves, elegantly squared neckline, breezy full skirt, and lightweight fabric would make it ideal for a bounty of spring and summertime events, and its slightly more generous cut (the bust fits up to 42 inches, the waist 35.5) means that it's available to those who aren't catwalk supermodels models (and really, how many of us are?!) .

While this playful dress is comprised of head-to-toe purple, it doesn't come off as garish or hard to wear in the slightest. The softer tones, girly polka dots, and swingy skirt makes this wonderful vintage frock an absolute joy to look at - and, I'd thoroughly imagine, wear.

It has a lot of life left in it still, by the look of things, and let me tell you, it is certainly beckoningly my name! Alas though, it’s not the right size (too large). Yet I found it to be too marvelous to pass by unmentioned, and therefore thought  that perhaps it could find a loving home with one my wonderful readers.

Available for $70.00 from etsy seller The Vintage Studio (who offers international shipping), this is one of those fabulous 1950s dresses that deserves to be purchased and treasured, but still very much worn and enjoyed.


  1. This is gorgeous. I have always absolutely loved polka dots! And the price is very reasonable. Great find!

  2. Oh, you seem to be absolutely smitten with it. Can you not grab it and do some tailoring? Although I suppose it could be tricky with that drop waist.

    My greatest sorrow is always when something is too small. How do you deal with that?? Reminds me of being a little girl and growing out of my favourite dresses but still trying with all my might to make them fit for as long as I could!

  3. That dress is a great find. It's always great to find something that speaks to you - if it's the right size and the right price, I say buy it!

  4. Hello Jessica!
    It's so very nice to meet you! I just had to click on over and visit becaue I thought your blog title was just perfect and so very interesting, being a lover of anything vintage myself.
    Come by and visit with me as well, if you so please....I would love to share my creative world with you too.

    Ciao Bella!


  5. I am your newest follower of many!
    Have a great night.

    Ciao again.


  6. Such a beautiful dress. So romantic and elegant... :)