May 20, 2011

For me the scent of spring 2011 is sweet almonds

Day 140 of Vintage 365


Almonds, or more precisely the flavour of almonds, has been on my mind lately and I have my husband to thank for that.

You see, after telling me for years about a scrumptious almond beverage syrup that he grew up drinking in Italy called Orzata, we tracked down a bottle recently and I got to try this marvellously tasty sweet treat for the first time.

Imagine the scent of almond extract, the flavour of marzipan swirled with maraschino cherries, and the smooth drinking of a milkshake, and you'll have a decent approximation of what Orzata is like.

However, as this very moreish treat is anything but low in calories - or probably very easy on the ol' teeth! - I've been looking for other ways to get my alluring almond fix ever since.

One (albeit inedible) product that I came upon this week that I think fits that bill to a tee, is called Amande Sweet Almond and Honey Foam Bath Soap.



Aside from the fact that this silky liquid soap promises to smell enchantingly of sweet almonds, I'm very much smitten with its fantastically vintage looking packaging. From the curvy, almost art deco era font to the beautifully illustrated bundle of almonds and blossoms, there is much to adore about both the product and the package at work here.

Featuring an artificial color and preservative-free formula (perfect for those like myself with super sensitive skin), this gentle cleansing milk is perfumed like rich honey and earthy, tantalizingly sweet almonds, while being pH neutral and free of animal testing.

Available in a 400ml bottle for $27.99 from online retailer Touch of Europe, Amande Sweet Almond and Honey Foam Bath Soap is manufactured by the L’Amande Marseille line, which has been producing quality cosmetics and soaps in Europe for over a century now.

While that price tag is certainly a bit on the steep side for a bottle of soap, I can't help but think that the chicly sophisticated packaging and artwork of this container helps ease some of that sticker shocker, while the 400mls of cleansing milk will ensure that you and your bathtub are scented ever-so-beautifully like almonds for many weeks to come.

Not to mention, that it’s the perfect thing to smell anytime your own craving for sugary almonds strikes! Smile


  1. It is certainly a beautiful little product, even if it is a bit pricey. Anything that comes in a posh little box like that gets my vote!

  2. Interesting combination! That combination produces a syrup called "Nectar," which is a very popular ice ball topping, a favorite of many - including me!