May 7, 2011

Matching 1950s mom and daughter knit shrugs are perfect for Mother's Day!

Day 127 of Vintage 365


You know something, my dears? Mother's Day snuck up me this year more stealthily than when my darling cat, Stella, waits silently in a dark to lunge out playfully at your ankles while you casually walk by.

It's uncharacteristic of me  really, given that this beautiful day to honour moms (and those who take on the invaluable role of a mother figure) occurs on the second Sunday of every May here in Canada.

I suppose I can chalk my near forgetfulness of this holiday (ok, to be fair I didn't forget about it entirely, it's just that for whatever unknown reason, I thought it was May 15th, not the 8th - silly me!) up to the plethora of weighty things that have been on my mind lately.

No matter why my head was off the calendar mark (perhaps it's still trapped in the rather daunting month that was April!), the important thing is that - just barely in time - I listened to the inner voice that was saying "you should double check when Mother's Day is" and did not let this immensely important day slide by unobserved - or unblogged.

In the spirit celebrating moms, mamas, mothers, mas, and mommies the world over tomorrow, I thought the splendidly lovely mother and daughter vintage knitting pattern below - which produces a darling pair of timelessly chic shrugs that are spot-on perfect for the still somewhat unpredictable weather of May - would be a terrific way to help get in the spirit of this maternally themed weekend.

{Click here for a larger version of this charmingly pretty vintage shrug pattern, which comes via clotho98 on Flickr.}


I'm not a knitter myself (nothing against it - heavens to Betsy, no - I've just never had the opportunity to learn...perhaps one day!), if I was, I'd be whipping up this wonderfully stylish 1954 shrug pattern for myself (and perhaps a petite version as well for any future daughters or nieces I happen to have) quicker than you could say "purl".

I love the fact that these great knit shrugs manage to look both comfortably warm and yet also lightweight at the same time. They feature a very flattering cut, roomy (but not baggy) sleeves, and two playful buttons to keep them drawn round the wearer.

Matching mom and daughter fashions were once relatively popular (and examples - such as this elegant pair of stripped dresses - abounded in vintage magazines and catalogs), though these days I'd say they're considerably less common.

If you ask me, there are few more heartwarmingly lovely sights though than a little girl and her mom sporting matching outfits (after all, what child doesn't adore dressing up like her mommy?), and it's high time matching parent and child ensembles made a come back.

If you're eager to see that happen, too, and are a knitter (or know someone who is that would be happy to make this wonderful 1950s pair of shrugs for you), why not bust out the knitting needles and set to work to create a marvellous duet of sweaters that would be sublime for Mother's Day - or any day of the year!


  1. I love this sweater! It makes me want to learn how to knit!

    (And, Mother's Day seemed to sneak up on me, too)

  2. This brought back some memories for me. My Mom was a knitter and also a marvelous seamstress. We actually did have several matching outfits. I vividly remember blue and green striped dresses that we wore on the Greyhound bus while traveling to see family. Thanks for making my day.