May 28, 2011

A real contender for the pinkest vintage bathroom of all time!

Day 148 of Vintage 365


When I look at the image below, I'm instantly reminded of the classic expression, "in for a penny, in for a pound". However in this instance, the indulgence is not so much one of spending money, but rather of the judicious use of one single hue.

Bursting forth at every seem with a riot of monochromatic colour, this bathroom from 1958 is decked out from head to toe (or more accurately, tub to toilet) in blush pink!

The tiles, the vanity, the matching shower curtain and drapes, the towels - nearly everything is as pink as a stick of bubble gum. And like chewing gum, it has an unmistakable sweetness and appeal that's quick to spot and hard to shake off.

{Incredibly pink vintage bathroom image from the pages of the fall and winter Montgomery Ward catalog of 1958. Image via the terrific pages of saltycotton on Flickr.}

While it takes a lot (!) of commitment to cover any room in your house with just one single bright colour, there's something to be said for - and admired about - those with the decorating moxie to pull it off.

Pink is my absolute favourite colour of all time, but even I would have to stop and really ponder if I could adorn my whole powder room in this girly, pretty, cotton candy inspired hue.

For those who are looking to add a little - or a whole lot - of pink to their vintage inspired and decorated bathrooms, this blazingly pink beauty is certainly one to save for the inspiration file.

While you may not be yearning for quite such a liberal dose of rose, if this is one colour you love and would enjoy adorning your bathroom - or for that matter, any room in your house - with, you'd be hard pressed to find a more pink example of home 1950s home decor anywhere! Smile


  1. Someday when I have no more boys in my house, this is what I will have my bathroom look like. In an odd way, I like it.

  2. Yep, if I didn't live in the House of Trouser, I'd have a bathroom just like that!xxx

  3. "a contender"...I'd like to see the rest of the field.

  4. Pink isn't my favorite color, but I'm curiously drawn to that bathroom!

  5. hi Jess...hope u r well! LOVE this bathroom...yes..wish it were mine...

  6. that is quite a pink bathroom. Another gem of a pink bathroom is Jayne Mansfield's bathroom. You can check it out here: