May 8, 2011

The most timeless and important role of all

Day 128 of Vintage 365


It is an incomparable role. Ageless as star dust, invaluable as air. From the dawn of time to this exact moment in history, women have been stepping into job, the honour, the right, the incredible joy of motherhood.

Life would be impossible if not for mothers, yet their role goes boundlessly beyond creating babies. To say that mothers are life itself, would not be a far stretch.

{Touchingly precious 1940s mother and child photo via Wampa-One on Flickr.}

Moms bring us into this world, shelter, guide, nurture, love, and protect us. They laugh with us, teach us, instil their beliefs in us. They are strength when the act of drawing air feels taxing, the champion of our every cause, the bearer of smiles that can set the cosmos right again in an instant.

To my mom, whom I could never in a million lifetimes even begin to describe how very much I love, cherish and respect, and to every women who has tread down the path of being a mom, grandma, step-mom, or mother figure, thank you for absolutely everything you have ever done, are doing now, and will continue to do for the children in your life now and forever.

Mothers,  you are the truest heroes in the world.


  1. Great photo. Love the "real" diaper with the safety pin :)

  2. That was a beautiful post. Our Mom's are the super heros of our lives!


  3. This was, by far, the best Mother's Day post I've seen. It was so, so sweet. :) Loved it!

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the beautiful post about mothers. Beautifully written and felt. Great picture too.