November 22, 2011

Save 20% off at Garb-Oh Vintage's Black Friday sale

Day 326 of Vintage 365

It struck me recently that quite a long time had passed since I last wrote a Chronically Vintage post about an online sale. This was anything but intentional and upon realizing that so much time had passed since such a post, I immediately felt like I wanted to remedy this point.

As such, it was rather serendipitous, that the owner of a charming etsy shop (cutely named Garb-Oh Vintage) contacted me this past weekend enquiring as to if I'd be interested in offering my readers a 20% discount on all merchandise in her shop for Black Friday.

Never one to pass up a barging - especially when it pertains to vintage clothing - I jumped at her kind offer!

Garb-Oh Vintage is new to me, just as it is  a relative newcomer to the etsy scene, having opened up this past July.

Presently offering a well curated selection of pieces primarily from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, such as the vibrantly hued, completely fun blue plaid 1930s dress pictured below, this is just the kind of vintage seller I'm always thrilled to connect with and tell my readers about.


Everyone can use a discount during the holiday season, so to prepare for Black Friday (which, in recent years, has marked the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season) on the 25th this week, be sure to stop by Garb-Oh Vintage and use the coupon code SHOPFRIDAY to save 20% off anything you purchase there from now until November 29th.

I hope you enjoy this handy coupon code and wish you a very happy time vintage holiday clothing shopping, sweet dears!


  1. wow. just wow. if i had a million dollars....

  2. Thanks for sharing about this great shop. I am going to pop by and add her to my favorites list. I love discovering new vintage clothing shops.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!!