November 11, 2011

Remembering the invaluable role of women in WW2

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When one thinks of war, it is often images of male soldiers that spring to mind first, and while there's absolutely no doubt that men have always been a key component of battle, it would be doing a profound disservice to women to not give them equal footing when it comes to the role they've held in helping the war effort.

From the dawn of time, I fully believe that women have done their part (and more) - often behind the scenes - to help the men of their nations as they ventured off to combat. It was WW2 though, that saw the wide spread emergence of women playing a very active military role (there had certainly been woman, including thousands of nurses and Red Cross volunteers, in WW1, but the second world war brought about the formation of military branches such as WAC and WASP), as well stepping into the vitally important work force in a way that had never occurred before.

{Images of women in WW2 via: 1. Drilling on a Liberator Bomber, Consolidated Aircraft Corp., Fort Worth, Texas (LOC), 2. Bristol at War, 3. Women's army service pilot, 4. WW2 - Nurses - Cadet nurse, girl with a future}

With every fiber of my being, I hope that the world never faces such a immensely horrific war again. A fact which if time proves it to be true, will no doubt be due in good part to the efforts that our brave foremothers made during some of the darkest, hardest days of battle the world has ever known.

Today, on Remembrance Day, my thoughts turn to the millions of women around the world who played a role in ensuring the allied victory of the second world war.

From the fearless gals who were partisan fighters, members of the military, and even spies, to those ladies of all ages on the home front who served in countless capacities (from Britain's Women's Land Army to factory workers ala Rosie the Riveter), every last one of these hard working, patriotic, esteem-able women deserves to be remembered, appreciated, and thanked today - and always - for their part in the victorious outcome of WW2.


  1. A beautifully written post which I 100% agree with. The contributions of brave women as well as men are frequently forgotten by younger generations. My grandad and his friends who all fought in the war often told me about the amazing work done by women as well as men during the war, and the respect that they had for them.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Great photos. I've done a lot of research about WWII to write my historical romantic suspense BURNING HEARTS.

    I've come to love this era. Women were much more independent than we might suppose and yet they also were very conscious of their own personal style.

    Wonderful blog you have here.

    Nike chillemi (Blogger won't let me sign in except as anonymous)