November 4, 2011

My goth meets vintage inspired Halloween costume

Day 308 of Vintage 365

It's been a long time...a very long time (the better part of two years, if memory serves me right) since I last posted an image of myself here on Chronically Vintage. A point that is, I assure you, in now way intentional.

Instead it stems primarily from the fact that my health has been so poor that, quite honestly, I am rarely well enough to go out and when I do, it's almost always for medical appointments. Though you better believe I sport vintage fashions on those days (and on the ones around the house when I feel well enough to be dressed), exhaustion and stress usually wear heavily on my face, so I'm not too keen on having my picture snapped.

Another element is that, while I adore writing about vintage fashion, CV never set out to be a fashionista's blog in the sense of frequently showing outfits I wear. Nevertheless, again though, it's been too long since I last posted any snaps of myself, so today I'm rectifying that with some images that my sweet husband captured of me around dusk on Halloween night last Monday.

The light had already faded substantially, so we had to up the ISO quite a bit (so hence the grain), but in a way I like how that adds to the aged, delightfully eerie vibe of these All Hallows Eve shots.

Decked all in black, with a darker, more goth take on my favourite vintage make-up look, my outfit intentionally channelled Mortica Addams (we'd just watched the movie Addams Family Values the night before, so that was completely fresh in my mind and seemed like a fun jumping off point for my Halloween night ensemble).


A quite night (we only got three trick-or-treaters, but I'm not complaining, as that beat out the past two years when we didn't get any at all) spent at home, watching spooky TV shows and movies while nibbling sweet treats was how we spent our Halloween this year.

(Next year I'd love to get a store bought costume, perhaps of a Victorian or Georgian era style dress, but we'll just have to wait and see how things unfold.)

I'm constantly inspired by the beautiful, creative, timeless looks that so many of you create and share on your own blogs, and while I can't promise overly frequent wardrobe posts here, I will try to not let quite so long go by before I share photos of myself with all of you again (in fact, I've already got a post planned in the near future featuring my lovely new vintage winter coat).


  1. Very spooky! I went as Wednesday Addams twice as a child. I even sacrificed the heads of one of my baby dolls to make the ensemble completely authentic.

  2. you have beautiful eyes and a flawless complexion! i am envious.

  3. Oh, my dear Jessica, you are a stunning beauty! I really mean that. If that is an unhealthy you, then a healthy you must surely be right up there with Gene Tierney. I know you said it was Morticia Addams, but I LOVE your makeup. I think it's perfect for any evening, not just Halloween.

    I love the photos!! Thanks for sharing.

    And here's hoping that the next year finds you restored to greater health than you have known in years.


  4. Love your costume, mine was similar, but with a long black lace skirt and a vintage little hat. :)

  5. You look absolutely stunning! Sincerely, if you didn't, I would have just snuck away without leaving a comment... He he! I do hope you post pics of yourself more often, when you're feeling up for it, because I would love to see more of your style. Your inspiration pictures are always great so I'd love to see how your translate them into your own outfits.

    And I don't think you should get a store-bought costume next year - I think those that come from your own wardrobe are the best, and those that require a little fun crafting. My friend and I spent ages making our costumes on the weekend and it was the most fun part of the evening! And I just knew that no-one else in the world was walking around with my crazy outfit (and I do mean crazy... see here for proof:

  6. Oh my, you are completely stunning!!! And I love your Halloween outfit :)