November 8, 2011

Greetings from the Grand Canyon

Day 312 of Vintage 365

{Engagingly lovely vintage Grand Canyon postcard by way of Shook Photos on Flickr.}


On the list of truly iconic natural wonders in the world, the Grand Canyon ranks as high up as the lofty vantage points it offers. At 277 miles long and as much as 18 miles wide ins some spots, it's immensely easy to see why this marvelous of mother earth has been attracting visitors and settlers (to it's surrounding areas) for thousands of years (beginning with Native American Peoples many centuries before Europeans ever set foot near this incredible location).

Though the Canyon was first visited by Spanish explorers as early as 1540, it wasn't until centuries later that that Americans really began to investigate the awe-inspiring, majestic wonders that this fascinating  spot on the Arizona landscape has to offer.

While Theodore Roosevelt showed considerable interest in the Grand Canyon at the start of the 20th century, it was President Woodrow Wilson who, in 1919, established it as the 17th U.S. National Park by an Act of Congress. In the decades since tourism to this awe-inspiring corner of America has continued to grow, and today the Canyon sees more than five million annual visitors.

Two of whom, this year, just happen to be my mom and step-dad. Currently on a road trip through parts of the US, my parents recently spent time visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time in either of their lives.

I know that this had been a spot they'd both been greatly interested in seeing for a very long time, and while I haven't had a chance yet to hear about all their adventures there, I do know that they got a chance to venture out onto the famous Sky Walk and take in the panoramic view standing far above the the canyon floor.

I'm elated that my parents are getting a chance to get away from the daily grind (this is their first vacation in several years, and goodness, do they deserve it!), and to explore such stunning locations. I'd definitely like a chance to follow in their footsteps one day and take in the amazing splendours of the Grand Canyon myself, too.



In the meantime though, I can have fun as an arm chair traveler by enjoying the wonderful vintage travel video of the Grand Canyon (from 1958), above.

I really hope you enjoy this informative 8.5 minute travel film, too, whether you've been to this impressive natural landmark ten times before or, like my parents recently did, will be making your first pilgrimage ever to the Grand Canyon sometime  in the future.

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  1. When I read the title of you post, I thought that you had gone for a holiday! Love the postcard and also the video, amazing that it was in Black and White in 1958 though. I have enjoyed being an armchair traveller this morning too thanks Jessica and hope to see it for real some time. We are due another trip away soon and have a dear friend in Arizona so we could tie the two in together. One of the loveliest places we have visited is Yosemite National Park, apart from being amazingly beautiful visually, there is an overriding feeling of connection to the earth and all of nature while you are exploring and enjoying the beauty of the valley.

    Have a great day.